The Windham Frog Fight of 1754

Drive through the small town of Windham in Eastern Connecticut, United States, and you’ll wonder why the people here have a strange obsession with frogs. Many local businesses are named after frogs. You will see frogs in their logos, frogs graffiti painted on the walls and frog statues everywhere, including four large bronze pieces at the four corners of a bridge across the Willimantic River. Even the town’s official seal has a frog in it.

The source of this obsession is an incident that occurred more than 250 years ago at a time when the thousand or so settlers who inhabited this tiny village on the Connecticut frontier lived in constant state of anxiety of being attacked by Indians. Everyday there were new rumors of massacre and bloodshed. The paranoia was extreme.

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One of the frogs on Thread City Crossing, also known as Frog Bridge in Willimantic, Connecticut. Photo: Jimmy Emerson/Flickr


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