The Wooblock: A DIY Faceted Globe Kit

If your DIY-minded kid wants to make a globe, doing it the traditional way would be impossible. However, they could certainly assemble a faceted globe made of laser-cut parts. That’s what a company called MicroNovelty is offering with their Wooblock, a globe and decorative base that you assemble yourself. An optional motor lets the thing spin, while magnetically powering an old-school wooden ship in a Magellan-like journey around the base.

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The Wooblock has been successfully Kickstarted, with 27 days left to pledge at press time. Buy-in starts at $79, or $69 if you don’t want the motor.

Now I’m wondering: Could these be used to convince a flat-earther that the Earth isn’t flat, but that it is faceted? If you could get them there, over time you could probably wear them down to spherical.

Source: core77

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