The Worker Bees

During our open day on Saturday, carver David Bignell delivered this carving of a skep, our dividers and some bees. This will perch upon our company’s sign in the window of our Covington storefront (the sign was also carved by David).

We have several of these emblems that we can swap out depending on our mood.

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One reader pointed out that the skep or beehive is a symbol of capitalism and accumulated wealth. And that maybe it’s a poor choice of symbol for our company. I have two thoughts on that.

  1. Early mechanical societies used the skep and bees as a symbol of their membership. Busy bees. Worker bees.
  2. If it is a symbol of accumulated worth, then the symbol is broken – it’s not working for us. Please open a ticket with the Capitalism Help Desk.

— Christopher Schwarz

P.S. Thanks to David for the gorgeous dingbat. We love it. If you have carving needs for your business, please consider contacting him. He has done some fantastic trade signs.


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