The World's Fanciest Public Restroom

When a public restroom is this luxurious, you may want to just move in and stay! This sight in Nanjing, China, is the first part you see when you walk into the restroom at the very upscale Deji Plaza shopping mall. The hallway shown leads to a huge lounge packed with comfy seating. From there, you can move into the men’s restroom, the women’s restroom, a nursing lounge, or a medical room. Both the men’s and women’s restrooms also have a dressing room. The seven-room facility was designed by Shanghai-based firm X+Living. Notice the plants in the walls, the glossy flooring, and the light fixtures in the shapes of flowers and bees. The facilities are completely accessible, with room for wheelchairs, movable railing, and bidets. All rooms offer wireless phone charging and call buttons for assistance. I read no mention of an entrance fee. See the fancy fixtures and other details in a series of pictures at Architectural Digest. -via Moss and Fog

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(Image credit: SFAP)

Source: neatorama

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