The World’s Largest Waterfalls Are Underwater

Victoria Falls in southern Africa is often regarded as the world’s largest waterfalls. “Regarded”, because there is no standard method to measure the largeness of a waterfall. A tall waterfalls might not have enough width, while an extremely wide one might have an insignificant drop. If we go by volume or flow rate, then the largest waterfalls should be Boyoma Falls—I bet you’ve never heard that name. But Boyoma Falls, in reality, are only rapids on the Lualaba river in central Africa.

The truest waterfalls are those that forms when a river falls over a gorge, and among them the one with the largest flow rate is Niagara in the border between the US and Canada, followed by Iguazú Falls in the border between Argentina and Brazil. Victoria falls, located between Zimbabwe and Zambia, come third with a flow rate less than half that of the Niagara. But geographers have decided that Victoria Falls shall be the largest, based on its combined width (1,708 meters) and height (108 meters). In height and width Victoria Falls is rivaled only by Iguazu Falls.

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The Victoria Falls is considered to be the largest waterfalls on earth. Photo credit: zuhanna/

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