The World's Most Notable Shrug

The most mundane Wikipedia articles can end up being the most fascinating. The couple whose pictures illustrated the “high five” captured the public’s imagination and they became a meme. Likewise for the guy you see if you were to look up “shrug.” His is the only picture in that entry, and has been since 2007. He is illustrating a shrug, alright, but he’s also wearing a paisley tie and holding a cocktail. And why is he wearing a tiara that says SCAMPER in on it?

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Sixteen years later, he is known as the Shrug Guy. His picture has illustrated innumerable reaction memes as well as “shrug” in many various language versions of Wikipedia. But he is not unknown. Comedian Annie Rauwerda reached out and connected with him, and got the story behind the original photo and the tiara, which is quite funny. His life has changed considerably since then, but he’s still recognizable, and he’s still okay with being the Shrug Guy. -via Metafilter

(Image credit: Dazzledog)

Source: neatorama

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