The World's Smallest Knitted Sweaters

Nice sweaters, but what are they sitting on? It’s a hand! Those are some small sweaters, but they didn’t shrink in the wash; they are made that way. Althea Crome is a micro knitter. She knits sweaters so tiny that they are in danger of getting lost in your hands, but just look at how detailed they are!

Crome explains how she does it.

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Crome uses a fine silk thread and fashions her own knitting needless from surgical wire. According to her website, they’re sometime as small as 0.01 inches and can “accommodate more than 80 stitches per inch.”

Read more about Crone’s micro knitting at Messy Nessy Chic.

See more of Crome’s work at Instagram and at her shop.

Source: neatorama

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