The World's Tiniest Murder Scenes

Making dioramas of murder scenes seem like a weird hobby to have but Abigail Goldman says she didn’t start out making gore fests as art pieces. But as she saw more of the world and learned of the harsh realities that plague our societies as an investigator, she wanted to show these through miniature dioramas that represent what society has become and is.

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Each one of her gore-fests is purely the product of her imagination, a darkly comedic take on tragedy rather than an homage. Not obvious escapism, perhaps, but crafting the painstaking scenes has proven both a calming hobby and a way to contextualize the horror of what Goldman deals with daily. She says she loves the contrast of the seemingly twee scenes and the gory subject matter: people tend to look once, and then look again. That second glance, she explains, is the point.

(Image credit: Abigail Goldman)

Source: neatorama

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