The World's Weirdest Drinking Games

Drinking games have been with us since ancient times, because they are a somewhat socially acceptable way of getting completely wasted without having to admit that’s what you intended in the fist place. An added bonus is seeing your friends get way drunker than they intended. And with New Year’s Eve coming up, you might want some ideas for giving an international flavor to your party. The scariest drinking game I could think of is darts, but that really falls under the heading of “pub sport.” Almost as dangerous is the German drinking game called Hammerschlagen.

You start the game off by having players hammer a nail into a tree stump until it stands on its own. Then each person raises the hammer above their head and tries to smash the nail all the way in … using the edge end. Every time you fail, you must drink.

Good thing that alcohol increases your dexterity and coordination (it’s why police give you awards for driving after having a few); otherwise, some might consider this game irresponsible and dangerous.

Read up on 15 drinking games from various areas of history and geography at Cracked. Do not attempt any of these games unless you have made arrangements for a designated driver or overnight accommodations.  

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Source: neatorama

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