The Worst Seafood You Can Eat

We were honestly expecting some weird crustacean that was edible. But alas, it’s a fish. 

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Government bodies and health associations usually recommend fish as a good source of protein, especially since it’s packed with omega-3 fatty acids. However, not all of the variations of fish are good for consumption. 

One of the most popular options for seafood to avoid is swordfish. This is because it is high in mercury and other contaminants. While eating this can provide protein and omega-3 fatty acids, the contaminants will be harmful to our health– which can outweigh the benefits of eating fish.

Aside from being bad for our health, hunting and consuming swordfish can be damaging to our environment. They are often overfished, which leads to an ecosystem imbalance. Farmed swordfish are fed with antibiotics and other chemicals, which can end up back in the environment and can be harmful to other wildlife. 

Read more about the swordfish here. 

Image via wikimedia commons

Source: neatorama

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