“The Worst Thing I Can Imagine As A Parent”: 80 Seemingly Harmless Things That Can Be Fatal

When I was growing up, I used to make fun of my mother for being scared of seemingly everything. I felt invincible as a kid, and I couldn’t understand why playing in the park alone, swimming without adult supervision, driving home after midnight and leaving a candle burning when I left the house was so dangerous. As an adult, however, I’ve become painfully aware of how many dangers are lurking around us at all times.

Redditors have recently been discussing seemingly harmless yet potentially fatal things that most of us don’t worry about at all, so we’ve gathered some of the most frightening replies below. Good luck getting through this list without unlocking some new fears, and be sure to upvote the things you’ll be extra careful with in the future!

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Lollipops. When I was in first grade me and my siblings and cousins were messing around in my room, I was jumping up and down my bed with them with a lollipop in my mouth. Seconds after jumping and rough housing the candy suddenly dislodged from the stick.

The lollipop wasn’t even halfway melted. I just opened it about 10 seconds prior to it being dislodged from the stick so it was impossible to swallow. I quickly jumped out of bed in panic. They all started laughing because they thought I was making a funny face until one of them realized I was choking. Luckily, my younger sister caught on quickly, went out and ran after my mother who was one shoe away from going out of the house for work.

My mother rushed in and tried to make me gag by fishing the candy out from my mouth, but it was too deep so she performed a heimlich instead which caused the candy to “pop” out. 5 yr old me would’ve died that day if my 4 yr old sister didn’t realize I was choking, and was minutes late into getting my mother.

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Riding a bike/skateboard/roller skates without a helmet. Your skull is going to crack like an egg when it hits the pavement. Heck, you can die just from falling over standing still. In 20 years of cycling I've seen so many fools seriously hurt themselves. For me, it doesn't matter if I'm riding 100 miles or 10 feet. If I'm on the bike and it's moving, the helmet goes on.

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Vending machines. People usually rock or tilt it in an effort to get something out but it can end up falling and crushing them to death. Apparently they kill more people than sharks per year.

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Withdrawing cold turkey from alcohol when you're a very heavy drinker.
I was convinced I could do it at home on my own, my therapist talked me into going to detox. I’m glad I did, because even with all the meds I still had a seizure. I think I may have died if I did it at home

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Don’t use water on an oil fire. (Should be common knowledge)

Fine dust clouds can explode when introduced to flame, especially in confined spaces. Ex: dropping a bag of flour while using a gas stove top in a small kitchen.

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A dental infection. I went to grief support meetings, and a woman there lost her son to an impacted tooth that spread infection to his brain.

This is why seeing those 'veneer techs' pop up drives me insane. Some of them are putting veneers/crowns over decay not knowing (or not caring) that it will probably create an abscess or infection. It is so dangerous.

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Eating a slug, any slug, is almost certain death. Sometimes people dare people to eat stuff, don’t eat a slug.

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A grape.

My wife had a friend/coworker whose young daughter choked to death in front of her and her mother. They tried to dislodge the grape and nothing worked. By the time an ambulance got there, the girl was brain dead. It’s about the worst thing I can imagine as a parent.

We were cutting our kids’ grapes in half until they were 10 after that happening.

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I made garlic infused olive oil once. Left it out because that’s how I always saw it on people counters. Used it a few weeks later. Botulism. Was out for four whole days writhing in pain with nothing left to expel. Turns out, I could have died.

It's specifically the combination of garlic and oil that is the issue here. The only other time that botulism can be threatening for most people is improperly stored home-canned foods.
Most of the time, you leave food out at unsafe temps for too long and bacteria that can make you sick will grow on it. Clostridium botulinum is a bacteria that is relatively common in the wild, but not very competitive; meaning that when you leave food out, odds are a different bacteria will outcompete it. This is a good thing because given enough time and food, the botulinum bacteria will produce botulinum toxin, one of the deadliest substances on the planet.
But clostridium botulinum thrives in low oxygen environments such as oil, garlic is low acidity meaning it's the perfect place for botulinum bacteria to grow, and room temp is the perfect temperature for them. When you combine these factors, you create one of the few situations where your food might end up with botulinum toxin in your improperly stored foods, instead of a more common bacteria that might give you an upset stomach but probably not kill you.

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Pressure washers are quite lethal.

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Flowing water inches deep can still have the strength to sweep you away if you’re not careful.

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Getting drunk going to sleep and choking on your own vomit. Always lay your drunk friends on their side, and lift their chin to open their airway. DO NOT lay them on their backs, friend died aged 32.

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Ladders. People think you have to fall far to get hurt or die. 8 feet is plenty.

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Playing in a deep hole at the beach.

I had a friend who had a holiday job in construction as a student. One day he dug a trench which collapsed on him, and he was dug out by his crew. It was about midday but they all knocked off for the day and went to the pub where they all got drunk, which he thought was great as they were buying. When he asked if it was some sort of tradition they explained that usually, the person caught in the trench didn't survive.

We had a very scary close call with friends. We dug a hole for hours, it was like three metres deep. All of a sudden one of the sides crumbled, burying one of my friends from the waist down. It was impossible for him to move. Needless to say, we got him out and closed the hole ASAP.

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Being shoved.
Seen too many videos of fights/scuffles where someone is shoved or punched, and the trip on concrete and suffer fatal TBIs hitting their head on concrete.

The brain is fragile. Protect it.

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Dumb Cane, Oleander, Daffodils, Philodendron. All SUPER common house plants. A few that can kill with even the smallest of doses.

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This should be higher. Even lower level stress over a long period of time can cause heart attacks or cancer. 

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Pissed off or frightened livestock. Cows alone kill nearly two dozen people a year in the U.S. Hell, just the other day a sheep killed a man and his wife in New Zealand.

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Pushing too hard while pooping.

This is how one of my friend's dad died. He had existing heart problems and it caused a massive MI if I remember correctly.

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The ‘well, I don’t want to bother anyone. I can handle things myself’ mentality

My great uncle dropped dead in a bathroom on his last day at work during a retirement celebration lunch with his boss.
He started to choke and thought he would excuse himself to handle it and not make a fuss. Choked to death on a chunk of steak in the bathroom, by the time he was found, it was too late.

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Standing in the shower during a thunderstorm. The lightning can hit the pipes and it can go through the water and right through you.

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All the food left on the counter and as little as 28 hours, food left out overnight can develop a toxic bacteria that’s lethal.

Just a couple months ago in the news some college girls ended up dying cuz they ate some fried rice that they had left out.

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Bartender here. I yelled at a new bartender for improvising a recipe with grapefruit juice. Told them that’s the one you don’t improvise with unless requested. It messes with people’s medications. Not sure if it’s *kill* worthy but I’m not taking that gamble.


A trampoline. It’s actually the number one most dangerous children’s “toy”.

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Not shutting off the power supply, while working on a wall outlet.

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Allergies! A guy at work didn't believe a coworker had a deadly peanut allergy and had to try it out. The victim had luck that the medical center in our company has a doctor and medicine.

I have a friend who has an extreme nut allergy. He ordered a soy latte once… the shop was apparently out of soy and substituted almond milk.
He fortunately noticed it tasted off immediately, and asked the barista who said 'We were out of soy. Almond milk is better for you anyway.' And when he had to go to the bathroom to make himself puke, she responded that he was just 'overreacting.'
He did talk to a manager eventually but after making sure he was healthy/okay/not dying.

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Overdrinking water.

There was a radio contest at one point in the US somewhere; the competition was to chug (I forget the amount & time exactly) but something like a liter every x minutes
If you puked youre out. If you pissed, you’re out. Last one left won a Wii.
The lady that won died shortly after
Hijacking your comment: Giving little babys water to drink. Doesnt have to be much, it kills them very easy.

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Mixing bleach and ammonia when you clean provinces toxic gas that will make you REALLY sick.

Mixing cleaning products is almost always a bad idea. It can be fatal and doesn't even make them more effective. In some cases, it can even make the outcome about as useful as using water.

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Sleep apnea.

The only reason my husband and I can afford our apartment is because the guy who had it before us died in it of sleep apnoea.
My husband also has horrible sleep apnea. He finally got a CPAP.

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If potatoes are not stored properly and becomes rotten, it produces a toxic gas and can make a person unconscious if they’ve inhaled enough, and or even death in some cases. There was a news article back in 2013 of an entire family in Russia that was killed by it.

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Slipping down the stairs.

Yes some people know stairs can be dangerous. But many don’t realize how deadly residential stairs can be.

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A high pressure puncture wound/ high pressure injections.
Imagine you're wearing all your PPE, got your goggles, your gloves, etc. And you're working with high pressure liquids, I'm not talking cutting steel with water jets, just something with high enough pressure that can pierce or puncture the skin. And bang, you get a little stab from a pressurized fluid source. Not even bleeding that much, if at all, sometimes it’s just a little sting, but you go to medical and get the assistance and after a day, your hand is sore but otherwise fine. If you obtain one of these injuries and don't alert the medical staff, you typically lose the limb. It can be just as bad with water/steam as with chemicals. This was a safety moment at my company due to a mechanic getting a pinprick while changing a line. While he went for medical help, he didnt tell them it was a high pressure wound. As such, he progressively lost three fingers on his hand because the substances were blasted into muscle tissues and cause necrosis, slowly.

Not fluids, but I had a teacher in the union who had a nail in his brain. He was an elevator worker and was shooting very, very thin nails into the shaft to reinforce certain parts. He said one sparked, and he thought nothing of it. When he came up, his buddy noticed a tiny hole and crack in his glasses and told him he needed to get it checked out. The teacher insisted he probably just dropped them earlier, but the coworker made him go to the ER. 
Of course, they found a three-inch nail in his brain and couldn’t remove it. It’s a miracle it never affected him or anything. He was the one who got me to buy ballistic safety glasses that can stop a .22 mag. I wear them every day.


Dont ration your water if you get lost in the woods. Many hikers die of dehydration with a backpack full of water.


Going to include very few details because I don’t want to ever deal with him finding this post. I have a friend who is the most loving and gentle father to his kids that he could be. Pure love for his family ever since he became a parent.

All the kids are very young, one of them was maybe 3 and like toddlers do they tend to explore and go wherever they can.

One of those simple activities we all do every day without thinking about it.

One day in the morning ready to go to work, he backs his car out of the garage, stops in the driveway because he forgot something inside. In between those slight hectic moments of being late, going in and out of a door, his 3 year old wanders out into the garage, and just outside.

My friend returned to the car, puts it in reverse ready to hurry to work like any other day, and bumps into his child who just happens to be in a blind spot near the corner of the bumper.

He was only going maybe 3-4 mph but for a child’s head, that’s all it takes to create severe trauma that became a brain bleed situation and he passed a couple hours later in the hospital.

This is a man who has lived life the right way and helped people every chance I’ve ever known, but this world is just an absolutely harsh, random b***h.


Poison hemlock. It sounds strange, but it grows everywhere, looks very similar to many common garden vegetables, and it’s lethal in very small amounts. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the plant so you never mistake it for a vegetable.


Confined spaces. If it only has one way in and out, especially if it is below ground, there is a very real possibility that there isn't enough oxygen in there to support life. Even something as simple as rusting metal can remove the oxygen from the air and if there isn't airflow going through the space the oxygen-depleted air won't be replaced. Other processes can remove oxygen or produce actively toxic gases. This sort of thing often kills more than one person as the first person to find the victim goes in to rescue them and becomes the second victim.


Hip waders. If you are in deep enough water and they fill even half way, they get so heavy you can’t move and you will sink, unable to do anything about it if you can’t unstrap and get out. Worse, hip waders tend to compel people to go into deeper water to start with.


Not an accident buuuut I don’t think most people appreciate how deadly knives or other sharp objects can truly be. They get underestimated solely based on the fact that they aren’t guns.

You don’t need to be strong or particularly fast to stab someone to death. There are tiny women who have used kitchen knives to murder 200-pound men.

In many cases, you don’t need to stab deeply, or even more than once. Less than one inch of penetration can be enough to kill somebody. I used to work in a county coroner’s office, and we saw a guy whose brother killed him by shoving a small table fork into his heart.

To top it off, a victim’s raw physical strength won’t protect them from an attack. Thinking you can just “take the knife away” from a determined attacker who rapidly advances on you is pure fantasy.


In January I slipped in a puddle and received amnesia, multiple skull fractures, and a brain hemorrhage.

So any water you see on the ground anywhere.


A lot of med interactions. Mucinex DM with antidepressants, tylenol for a hangover. Always look up the potential d**g interactions of medications. Every time. I've had doctors give me some deadly cocktails because they neglected to check it against the meda I was already taking. It happens more than you'd think.


Hitting your head. r/TBI is full of stories about simple slips and falls that resulted in death (at least temporarily) and lasting effects. I simply fell on ice at work. Bam ! Unconscious, woke up saying “I was okay”. Got talked into getting in an ambulance. Started dying in the ambulance from a severe brain bleed. Coma, expected to die, survived. Lost most of my memory, emotional stability, the ability to easily make new memories, a ton of IQ. Still… in all “I’m not dead !”


Garage door springs.

Garage doors weigh several hundred pounds. You cannot lift them by yourself, and a motor cannot do it without being massive, hence the garage door spring. They come in a few varieties, some are twisted, and some are tensioned, but the point is that they effectively provide a counterbalance for several hundred pounds of door, and their default state is storing energy.
Some people try to replace them or fix parts of their garage door that require de-tensioning the springs or removing them, and some people think they can do this without the proper know-how and tools. Some do it just fine. Many don’t. I have seen a picture of somebody's arm after the spring broke on them. You could see the bones in their forearm. I have also seen a video of somebody getting their arm entirely removed by one. Please don’t look that up.


For the love of god, when you’re boiling water on the stove, turn the handles of your pots inward.

My grandmother’s sister, when she was a toddler, was running around with her arms in the air and smacked the handle of a pot of boiling water. The water poured all over her and she died a few days later from her injuries.

Because of that, all throughout my life it was drilled into me to a) use the back burners first and b) if you need to use the front burners, turn the handles in. It wasn’t until I became and adult and moved in with roommates/SO’s that I realized so many people don’t think to do that.


A cracked toilet. Even if it isn’t leaking or doesnt seem like its a problem – Replace it immediately! Do not sit on it! If it breaks while you’re doing your business, that s**t will slice your leg/assmeat open like a razor! Broken porcelain is no joke especially when you put all your weight on it!

Edit to add: Only reason I know was an old post from r/watchpeopledie . Dude didn’t die but got seriously deep cuts in the butt/leg area.

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Rags covered in linseed oil can spontaneously combust when left in a pile.

I randomly discovered this fact in a reddit post titled, “The new guy burned down our workshop.” A carpenter I know confirmed that this is a real thing.

I’ve been getting into refinishing old furniture, so I’m glad I learned this now. You’d think it’d be more common knowledge!


Crowded balconies or decks. When they’re over capacity, they can collapse.


Party buses. My wife’s cousin was on one a couple of years ago. They were all dancing on the bus while it was driving on the 101 freeway in LA and she slipped and fell against the door. The door gave way and she fell out of the bus at freeway speeds and was immediately run over by a car. There wasn’t much left of her, closed casket for sure. She was celebrating her 30th birthday but instead she died and left behind 5 kids all under 10.


People don't realize that a lot of people who die in house fires die in their sleep. The fire is too small to wake them from the heat alone or it's farther away, yet it is releasing carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide along with a ton of other toxic fumes into the air. You are just sleeping breathing in that gas, which makes you even more tired and eventually completely unconscious, then dead.
Edit: hopefully it scared a few people into checking their fire alarms/CO detectors or scared a few people into installing some. If you don't have them, this is a big PSA, fire alarms increase your survivability in a fire by a TON. Literally you have a 50% better chance of survival with one compared to those without, even better if you can get laser fire alarms. Get/check those alarms, and make a plan in case of fires, and get fire extinguishers/learn how and when to use them if you can afford too if not for you but those you care about in your home. Check your batteries! Wish you all the best.


Swallowing a button battery, it can cause fatal internal burns.


Cheerleading. I had an accident and almost died because one of my teammate's lost balance while I was on top, and that caused me to fall. That fall broke my neck and I haven't been able to walk or move most of my body ever again.


Tylenol, the dangerous dosage is only about 4 times the therapeutic dosage (2 pills helps with the pain, 8 seriously hurts you).



Two to three teaspoons and you might die to myristicin poisoning.


**Eating before your surgery, diving in anything head first, and riding a motorcycle.**

According to one of my mother’s friends who is a doctor, these are the top 3 of overlooked death causes.

* People tend to still eat before their surgery because nobody tells them why they shouldn’t. FYI your can vomit and choke, and doctors can’t exactly drop everything to help you.
* Diving in anything head first is extremely dangerous because the depth of bodies of water can’t be trusted and if you’re “lucky” you might end up paralyzed instead of breaking your neck.
* In his hospital they called motorcycles “donorcycles”. The name speaks for itself.


Resting your feet on the dashboard while sitting in the passenger seat.


If you’re from a rich country and visiting a poor one: absolutely anything.

That cute puppy could be rabid. That mixed drink at a resort could be made with methanol. That sidewalk or street could have random holes in it (people in Vietnam sometimes steal manhole covers for scrap.) That hotel has no fire escape. That skin cream could have anything in it, or nothing. And that cop has no obligation to read you your rights.


Swimming pool covers.

About 20 years ago, my next door neighbor’s 14 year old daughter decided to walk across their inground pool’s cover.

It came loose, and she sunk, wrapped in a tarp. She drowned about ten feet away from her dad who was eating breakfast at the kitchen table at the time.


Rhubarb leaves.
I remember reading a story, I think it was in a book about poison plants, about a mother who cooked rhubarb for her family but used the leaves instead of the stalks. Every one of them died. Iirc there are crystals on the leaves that accumulate in the kidneys and cause them to fail.


More well known now, but strep can easily kill you if not taken care of. I had a friend in high school who didn’t really have their parents around or anyone looking after them. We had just graduated and they got diagnosed with mono but it seemed to linger. They were in a bad place honestly, and there was talk of d***s but in reality, it was just undiagnosed, untreated strep. They found her past out on the bathroom floor. She had gone over to her dad’s house to talk because she was having a bad night and I don’t think they ever even connected. He found her body. I think about her all the time. She would be 30 soon, but instead she’s forever 18.


Party balloons. My mom had a friend who was having a party with balloons. Their 2yo daughter bit one and it popped. When it scared her she gasped and breathed the rubber into her windpipe. They couldn’t get it out and she died.


If you see somebody on the ground who has had an accident, don’t move them unless you have to. They could have a spinal injury. This is especially true about motorcyclists. Leave their helmet on. That helmet could be the only thing keeping their skull together at that moment. If you remove it they can die.

And for God’s sake, if you see someone bleeding profusely and you can’t get it to stop, reach for the tourniquet! But also don’t take that tourniquet off unless you were a licensed medical practitioner. And write the time…. It’s not super critical that you write the time, but allows the doctors to know how long the tourniquet’s been on and if they’re going to need special practices to filter the blood before they release the tourniquet.

Edit: If you see somebody on the ground who is in imminent danger, moving them is more important than spinal injury risks. Better than be paralyzed than burn to death. With that said, try not to mess with the helmet if you don’t have to. If they aren’t breathing, and you know how to make them start breathing again, pull the helmet. If they have filled the helmet full of vomit, pull the helmet… But also there’s quite a bit of space between my mouth and the chin of my helmet.


Former rural ER doctor here. Things that I have seen either nearly kill or actually kill someone:

1. Taking a d**g at a party/rave/concert/etc. Surprise – It’s got fentanyl or carfentanil in it. And now you’re dead or permanently brain damaged.
2. Sticking your hand/arm/leg/head out a window while the car is driving. This is how you either lose a limb or lose your head if you get in an accident or someone sideswipes you. Keep your body parts in the vehicle.
3. Not vaccinating your kid. Watching kids die or become permanently disabled because of preventable diseases is both the saddest and most infuriating things I’ve ever dealt with in my career. (If you want to rip on me about how much you hate vaccines, stfu and save it for someone who cares. I’m not interested and I won’t entertain your BS)
4. Medications that you should not forget: Your insulin. Your asthma medication. Your EpiPen. Your various heart medications. Your blood thinner. I’ve seen all these missed d***s end up in very serious consequences in the ER.
5. Not knowing the signs and symptoms of a stroke.
6. Drink/doing d***s & driving (Also – if you are going to get super drunk, I promise you that the absolute worse place to walk home is along a highway)
7. Looking at your phone & driving
8. Dropping tools/any item from high places. I’ve seen this happen once in a construction site, and he lived, but I’ve heard of those that have not.
9. Operating power tools. Doesn’t necessarily kill someone but it was the number one reason I was sewing people up or sending them to plastic surgeons.
10. Finally – please don’t get up on a ladder without properly securing/stabilizing it and having someone in the near vicinity to call 911 if you fall off it, instead of finding you several hours later….


Things in the ocean can really hurt and possibly kill you. Don’t go picking up shells off the ocean floor.


Cars. I see so many people driving recklessly and putting other people in danger just to get somewhere a little faster. These things weigh several tons, calm the f**k down!


Getting put on hormonal birth control if you’ve ever had a history of visual auras could literally give you a stroke!


Riding a horse with no helmet. Concussions are no joke and will kill you. The amount of times that I see tik tok vids of kids and teens racing around on horses is horrific. Especially among Western riders.  A cowboy hat will not protect your brain.  

 Honestly horses in general will kill you if you aren’t careful. A well placed kick to the face  while picking out hind hooves is no joke. I’ve had a few near misses. .


Pulling up too close to railroad crossings or trying to beat a train. A train consist can derail, material can come undone, brake shoes and other things can fly off, you can get rear ended and pushed into the moving consist if you’re too close and the crew will never know unless they hit you directly with the lead locomotive or if something breaks the train consists air supply and throws it into emergency.

The crew can only see what’s in front of them and only so far behind them. Give them room. Even though at times it looks like they’re going slow there’s thousands of tons of kinetic energy that doesn’t just instantly stop.


I’m strictly speaking for South Korea, but dropping objects, like rocks, off buildings.

Nowadays, children are spending all their time in cram schools to even learn an ounce of common sense. Not to mention, so many parents are pretty hands-off with their kids when they are around.

Last year, a kid threw rocks out of his apartment window and accidentally killed an old man. However, since juvenile laws are virtually non-existent in Korea, no one was held accountable, not even the parents.

It’s why some Korean people will say that if you want to get away with murder, ask a minor to do it, and no one is culpable.


Eye drops in water.
When I was in high school, their was a teacher who everyone hated. I never had her as a teacher. But I guess one day , a student put eye drops in her coffee. She became ill, and had to spend 2 nights in the hospital. She was like on her 50s. It was crazy to hear about that. She was out of school for like 2 weeks. They never caught who did it. But man we all thought she was dead! 


That chubby bunny game of stuffing your mouth/cheeks with marshmallows and seeing who can stuff the most.

Suffocation. Death.


My wife and I were at a Cracker Barrel and my wife ordered a salad. She asked for no bacon. She explained to the waiter that it was a bad allergy.

Food is delivered and there is bacon on the salad. We send it back and reiterate the health implications. The waiter brings it back, and it was clearly the same salad as before but with the bacon scraped off. Some bacon pieces were still in the bottom of the bowl.

At this point I asked for the manager. I explained what happened, what we told his waiter, and then showed him the bacon on the plate that got returned to us.

He looked furious. Excused himself briefly and returned with a fresh salad. Assured us he made it himself and to not worry. Then be disappeared with the waiter for five minutes. I don’t know what he said, but the waiter was visibly down the remainder of the evening.

My wife winds up spending an entire day puking with an agonizing migraine and severe pain under every joint in her body after contact with any pork (gelatin and chemical derivatives included).

Other people aren’t so lucky and go into anaphylaxis.

Just don’t cross contaminate food or assume someone is just being picky… You might kill them.


An insulin shot if you don’t need it.


That capacitors in power supplies, that are used for filtering power, stay charged long after the PSU shuts down. And might be carrying a nasty shock.


Maple syrup for kids under one. Or honey.


Things under tension are dangerous. Like steel cables or something similar. When the tension is released it can cause harm.


Toothpaste – There’s a reason you’re not supposed to swallow it. If you get too much in your system, the fluoride in it can cause series side effects and even trigger heart-attacks. (The trace amounts you get while brushing your teeth are fine… but don’t swallow it on purpose.).


Carbonated water.

If a safety device fails in the soda fountain, the carbonated water gets into the ice maker line. The copper in the ice line converts it into carbonic acid. Consuming that acid leads to anywhere from 40-100+ deaths per year just in America.

Preventing virtually all of those deaths is as easy as adding 10 minutes of training in our food safety training. Just teach people that if the ice is green or greenish blue, the backflow preventer has failed and you need to shut down the drinks.

Edit: til that carbonic acid is just carbonated water, and that copper poisoning is dangerous but not as dangerous as I thought. This is what I was taught in trade school years ago by a guest professor and I just assumed that it was true. It turns out that everything he said is technically true, but it’s only a death sentence in extreme cases. It still kills that many people every year, but most people just suffer severe pain and cramps.


Microwaves. Not saying cooking food with it is dangerous, because that’s not true. But messing with the electronics is very dangerous. Microwave ovens store thousands of volts of electricity inside them, and the charge can last a long time even unplugged. Someone who doesn’t know what they are doing trying to fix a microwave can easily get electrocuted.

I was thinking of this the other say when I walked past a microwave at the curb for trash pickup, and I thought of those people who take trash items like that to fix and sell, and how dangerous it is to do.


Table saw kick backs. Oh that little piece of wood can’t hit THAT hard….


Hydrogen sulfide. H2s. Inhalation of high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide can produce extremely rapid unconsciousness and death..I’ve ran across it in a few confined spaces. The first breath smell like sewage then the smell isn’t so bad. It kills the senses. You can pass out pretty quick. The gas settles so you breathe it in more close tho the ground. Then you dead.


Air in your blood supply.

Depends on how much. Takes a fair amount to cause an embolism in a healthy adult. Little bubbles will get dissolved.

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