The Wreck of the <i>Valencia</i>: the <i>Titanic</i> of the Pacific

The SS Valencia was a steamship that took off from San Francisco bound for Seattle in January of 1906 with tons of cargo and 108 passengers as well as a crew of 67 men. En route, the ship encountered bad weather and in the dark of night became lost. The crew didn’t know the ship was lost, but the officers disagreed about the ship’s speed and where they were. When Captain Johnson assumed the ship was near Cape Flattery, he headed ashore. But he was wrong, and the Valencia crashed into a reef. Two lifeboats were deployed, but the waves and the rocks tossed the boats around until a very few survivors made it to shore. By the next morning, they could see they were in the middle of nowhere, with a cliff lining the shore, and the Valencia, with more than a hundred people still on it, falling apart.  

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In daylight, more lifeboats were launched, but they also lost most of their passengers. The survivors landed miles away. It would be several more days before anyone knew about the wreck of the Valencia. Some tried to swim to shore, others refused to leave, and some braved more lifeboats. None of the women and children aboard lived through the ordeal. Read the story of the Valencia shipwreck, from the accounts of its 37 survivors and those who found them. -via Damn Interesting

(Image credit: Yiran Jia)

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