The Zero Chair, Designed for Minimal Production Waste

Commissioned to design the interior of a restaurant on a tight budget, French industrial designer Franck Magné worked with a local metal fabricating shop to develop these Zero chairs.

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“I imagined tables and chairs that could be manufactured locally while meeting the budgetary constraint,” Magné writes. “Based on these concerns, I worked on optimizing the design of the chairs to minimize material scrap. Nine Zero chairs can be laid out of a standard sheet of aluminum. The material is recyclable and reproduces almost no offcuts.” What little offcuts remain can of course be recycled.

A drain hole in the seat (the chairs are meant to be used both indoors and out) doubles as a handle, making them easy for staff to move around.

Though they were designed specifically for the restaurant, Soleil & Papilles, Magné has decided to put them into production through his Objets Publics brand. They’re available in a host of colors, and can be produced in custom colors upon request.

Source: core77

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