Therapy Dog Picks A Different Toy To Cuddle With Every Night

It’s adorable, and shoutout to the owner for having a lot of toys for their beloved pupper– because that’s love right there! 

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Meet Mojito, a one-year-old therapy dog that has a very unique night routine. Before she goes to bed, Mojito goes through her pile of toys to choose a toy to accompany her in her sleep. If you’re worried that the dog does not have enough toys for variation, worry not because Mojito gets new toys every month in a new BarkBox. 

According to Kim Downie, her mom, “she is very specific about what she chooses to take to bed. She will search the house and empty her toy boxes until she finds whatever one she is looking for. If we move them back downstairs, she will carry them right back up.”

Image credit: Mojito Rose Soldan via Instagram

Source: neatorama

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