There Are Now Cheaters in Among Us

Cheaters are now in the game Among Us, and they are ruining the game for everyone. Some cheat by contacting other players on another channel. While that already takes the fun out of the game, there are others who take the step even further. These people cheat using hack tools that give them the ability to move fast, identify who the impostors are, or kill the non-impostor players instantly and without having to wait for the cooldown (the time before you can use an ability again).

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Because of this, there is 0 mystery left.

What confuses me is that they don’t get any incentives or rewards for hacking and winning. They most likely just get outed as a hacker and no one wants to play with them anymore.

They’re either just very twisted or bored.

The game developer, InnerSloth is made up of just three people so it will definitely take some time to fix the hacking issue.

Hopefully, this will not drag the game to the ground, as there are many players who kick these cheaters out when they see one.

What are your thoughts about this one?

(Image Credit: @Poco_BrawlStars/ Twitter)

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