“There Is No Safe Choice”: Woman Warns Others To Be Careful After Creepy Lyft Driver Shows Up At Her Work

It’s vital that you always consider your safety, Pandas. Whether walking down the street or using transport, it should be your priority. However, it can come as a shock when someone that you assume is a professional acts anything but.

Twitter user @sighjunwa had a stark warning for all women that they might become the victims of a stalker even when using well-known transport service providers like Lyft or Uber. She shared how shocked she was when her driver from a few weeks back showed up at her workplace, came up to meet her, and asked for her number.

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It’s creepy. It’s scary. And it shouldn’t be happening. It’s no surprise that the woman was left incredibly frightened. Scroll down to read what happened in @sighjunwa’s own words, how people reacted, and their own stories about getting stalked. Has anything similar happened to you, Pandas? Share what happened in the comments to warn and help protect others in the future.

A Twitter user had a frightening experience with her driver, and she felt she needed to warn others

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The Twitter user started up an important discussion, as her posts reached a massive number of people. Her thread got over a quarter of a million likes, and got women to open up about their own horrible experiences. It just goes to show that these situations aren’t as rare as some might think.

Starting from the basics, begin by checking if the car is the same make and model as the one on your app. Then, have a glance at the license plate and your driver: are they the same ones as the info listed on your phone? If not, something might be wrong and it’s best to not get in. Trust your gut. Request your ride from indoors where it’s safer and always try to sit in the back seat when you get in the car.

‘A Girl’s Guide To Cars’ suggests that women ask the driver to confirm your name. For instance, you can ask, “Who are you here to pick up?” After you do that, ask for their name.

Another layer of security can be added by telling your friends and family about your trip. Get in touch with them before you get in the car and after you get out. You can also share your trip’s progress with them so they can keep an eye on you as you travel, if you or they are particularly worried. Riding together with a friend might be one way to help reclaim your sense of safety if you’ve had bad experiences before.

Meanwhile, if you want to protect your privacy, only message or call the driver via the app you’re using. This way, your info will be anonymous and you reduce the likelihood of being harassed afterward.

Above everything, if you feel that your life is in danger or you feel threatened, call the police, possibly through the ridesharing app you’re using. Some apps also have emergency features. Again, trust your gut.

Here’s how people reacted to what happened to the woman

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Previously Emily May, the Co-Founder and Executive Director of ‘Right To Be’ explained to Bored Panda how common harassment is and how to respond to it. The nonprofit aims to end harassment in all of its forms. According to a 2021 study that they did, 80% of women have experienced street harassment. Meanwhile, they’re working together with L’Oreal Paris to train a million people in bystander intervention, in order to address street harassment.

“Our Stand Up Against Street Harassment Training offers three strategies to use in response to harassment: assess your safety, reclaim your space (optional), and practice resilience. Proven ways to reclaim your space include setting a boundary, asking someone for help, or documenting your harassment,” Emily told Bored Panda during an interview.

“There is no such thing as a perfect response to harassment, it’s their responsibility not to harass you. Taking time to find a sense of safety inside yourself, educate yourself about the issue, share your story, and learn how to intervene on behalf of others are all key parts of the healing journey,” she said.

Some folks gave advice on how to stay safe and avoid dangerous situations

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Others were inspired to open up about their own creepy and scary experiences

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