There's a Business That Drives Frightened People across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Okay, this sounds ridiculous. Who would be scared to driver over a bridge? Who would pay $40 to have someone else drive them across this brdige? I mean aside from the whole ship-crashing-into-bridge thing going on lately.

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But maybe not. The bridge bisecting Chesapeake Bay is six and a half miles long and has two lanes of traffic each way with no shoulder. Some redditors say that it’s actually hard to drive because the design of the bridge messes with the depth perception of some drivers.

The Washingtonian reports that the Kent Island Express company drives about 12-15 people per day. Many wear sleep masks to block the sight of the bridge and the disorienting effects that some people experience from seeing it. Since the bridge collapse in Baltimore, the business is up 10-15% due to riders who have only more reason to fear bridge crossings.

-via Chris Koerner | Photos: Kent Island Express, Library of Congress

Source: neatorama

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