There’s A Dogspotting Group On Facebook, And These 104 Photos Explain Why It Has 1.8M Members

Dogspotting is just what it sounds likes — a Facebook group where people share photos of all the dogs they see. And it’s just as pure as it sounds.

The group has 1.8 million members, all following one basic rule: don’t post pictures of dogs you know personally, whether it’s your own pup or one that you’ve seen before. Well, that and don’t mention any cats. But you’ve probably realized that on your own.

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And that’s basically it. The free format guarantees you will see something different every day, offering everything from Newfoundlands sitting on the roof to Corgis in backpacks.

Continue scrolling and enjoy some of the best posts featured on the group so far.

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#1 Not Sure If They Saw Me

Image credits: Sachitha Amarasekera‎

#2 “Good Morning M’am“

Image credits: Erin Puccinelli

#3 I Think This Is What Is Meant By Puppy Dog Eyes

Image credits: Moira Watts‎

#4 Cowspotting!! Met This Handsome Fellow, Archie, In Maine. He’s An English Setter And I Tried To Steal Him

Image credits: Michael Winter‎

#5 Found A Big Boy Peeking At Us In The Train!

Image credits: Calista Jones‎

#6 ‘dobby’ Eared Boii Having A Well Deserved Snooze On The Streets Of Rome

Image credits: Hannah Loomes

#7 This Absolutely Cute Floof Ball Came In To Work Today

Image credits: Shivam Bhardwaj

#8 A Dog

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Image credits: Jordan Simone Adair‎

#9 (Proxy Spot) My Sister Went To Visit Our Grandparents Today And Our Grandfather (Who Unfortunately Has Dementia) Felt Really Sad For The Dogs Who Had To Stay Outside. So He Spent The Day Entertaining Them By Showing Them Various Paintings.

Image credits: Thomas J Morrison‎

#10 A Golden Gate Of Good Boys And Girls

Image credits: Nicola Wood

#11 I Know This Is Dog Spotting, But I Saw This Duck In Arlington, Va Today And Had To Share

Image credits: Deb Bell

#12 I Work At Starbucks And This Happened Today In The Drive Thru (I Got Permission To Take This Photo)

Image credits: Chelsea Brown‎

#13 Quite The Surprise To Come Home And Find The Neighbours Newfoundland Sat On The Roof! After All The Window Probably Acts Like A Cat Flap For Him!

Image credits: Chloe Huggs‎

#14 Was Waiting For A Taxi In Argentina Pre-Covid When A I Heard Sniffling

Image credits: Amy Sh

#15 I Found A Newfoundland In Newfoundland!

Image credits: Бекки Алекс‎

#16 Spotted This Smiling Cutie On The Bus With His Musical Owner!

Image credits: Olivia Fine

#17 Proof That There Is Gold At The End Of A Rainbow!

Image credits: Cordelia Zhong

#18 Who Is She

Image credits: Yap Tze Sheng

#19 Spotted This Cute Corgi In A Backpack! Her Name Is On The Backpack. She Was A Happy Girl.

Image credits: Tracy Korkuc

#20 Tiny Doggo Making His Superstar Debut Trevi Fountain, Rome

Image credits: Holly Orton

#21 Coworker Left His Baked Pawtato On My Desk

Image credits: Cameron Coday

#22 Yes Hello I Would Like To Withdraw All Available Treats

Image credits: Becca Schlim‎

#23 Rescued Pittie Sniffing The Neighborhood

Image credits: Bruno Parizotto Agustini

#24 Met The Cutest Of Cuties In Da Mountains Who Travelled 9 Hours For Da View And His Name Is Buster

Image credits: Claire Pearen

#25 Nearly Squealed When I Saw His Grumpy Little Face Poking Out

Image credits: Jess McDermid

#26 His Name Is Connor And He’s Precious

Image credits: Valerie Hughes‎

#27 Angus, 7 Months Old, Truly Flawless.

Image credits: Claire Elizabeth

#28 Small Soft Sausage Taking A Break In South London

Image credits: Rafe Higson‎

#29 Just Met This Girlo In The Park – She Mlem

Image credits: Ali Jacob Whelan

#30 Im Housesitting For Some Family Friends And They Mention Theyre Dogsitting, No Details. Meet Princess, Shes Toothless, Sleeps In An Old Suitcase, And… Yes, Shes Chubby, Look We Just Met. I Cant Judge

Image credits: Baylee Shandler-West

#31 My Friend Moved Into A New House And Right Around The Corner Was This Guy! We Saw A Tiny Hole With A Name Above And Figured It Was A Doggy Lookout, So We Called The Name And This Wee Face Popped Up His Owners Had Made A Space In The Fence For Him To Say Hi To People Walking Past

Image credits: Eloise Martin

#32 My Dad Is Doing Flooring At A House And Has An Elderly Gentleman Called Bob Supervising The Works, 16 Years Young

Image credits: Grace Chambers

#33 Here’s #memphis The #brussie…he Lives In San Francisco, California And Says Watch Your Ankles…

Image credits: Garon Robinson

#34 Angry Boi Protecc Yard

Image credits: Alex TenikoDesu

#35 My Mom’s Spot – Huge Doggo With Smol Pony Friend!

Image credits: Kelly Hamachi

#36 Found This Good Boy Peeking Over A Wall Down By The Sea In Scotland…

Image credits: Blair Mowat

#37 Corgi Golden Mix Spotted In Georgetown. I Repeat. Corgi. Golden. Picture That…

Image credits: Sophia Ryterband

#38 Spotted Dog At Bar….owner Saved Him From Tijuana Mexico Off The Street And He Is The Happiest Dog I’ve Ever Seen Lol Such A Lover!

Image credits: Joel Smith

#39 Just Met This Absolute Beaut And I’m In Love. Say Hello To Mylo

Image credits: Colin Healy‎

#40 Spotted Ms. Finnegan Posing On The Lake, My Cousins Just Bought The Cutest Mini Golden Doodle 10/10 Best Surfing Prodigy

Image credits: Emily Hunt

#41 Tried To Photograph This Dog That I Spotted And It Turned Out Pretty Well

Image credits: James Freemantle‎

#42 Don’t Let The Puppy Eyes Fool You. So Adorable!

Image credits: Shamae Buela

#43 Fear Friends I Had 6 Sangrias And Went Walking Toward Another Bar And Look At What I Found He Licked My Nose And Bit My Eaes And Stole My Heart And I Love Him I Sont Know His Name But I Will Call Him Thumbelina!

Image credits: Derek Randy Hamm

#44 Look At This Chunky Boi! Saw Him Waiting Outside The Store Like The Bestest Boi.

Image credits: Rosie Ollero

#45 Just Met Itty Bitty Phoebe Who Loves Playing With Leaves And Doing Sits Like A Good Girl

Image credits: Sam Draper‎

#46 Three Month Old Mini Australian Shep!!!!!!! Look At That Lil Nose!!!!

Image credits: Laura Papp‎

#47 Her Name Is Stella & She Has Silver Eyelashes.

Image credits: Maggie DeLaura

#48 Spotted This Handsome Doggy! His Name Is Jake….. Never In My Life Did I Think I’d Be Calling A Jake Handsome!

Image credits: Aaron James Roth

#49 Met This 14 Year Old Wolf At The Top A Mountain ! His Name Is Shadow

Image credits: Ryder James Hathaway

#50 Just Met Ellie Who Likes To Walk Around The City With Her Favourite Micky Mouse Toy (For All The Attention And Pats She Gets). Can Confirm It 110% Worked

Image credits: Sam Draper

#51 This Land Seal’s Name Is Soja! He’s Soft And He Made My Day

Image credits: Caroline Best

#52 Looked Down Mid-Flight And Found That The Passenger In The Row Behind Us Was Not Practicing Social Distancing

Image credits: Brady Wood

#53 This Airbnb Comes With A Miniature Woolly Mammoth

Image credits: Emily Charlotte

#54 Spotted A Good Girl Posing For Her Hoomans

Image credits: Daisy Chen

#55 Spotted These City Babes Living Their Best Life In NYC.

Image credits: Samm Enterkin

#56 Trying To Deliver The Post But This Big Floof Wasn’t Having Any Of It

Image credits: Stuart Hay

#57 Spotted The Cutest Smol Pupper While Volunteering!!!

Image credits: Cloie June Chiong

#58 Cutest Little Baby Made My Day

Image credits: Serena Jayne

#59 Is This Grumpy Gal For Sale Too?

Image credits: Zoë Johnston

#60 I’ve Recently Moved House, I’ll Wake Up And My Nextdoor Neighbors Dog Will Be Sat Outside My Door Waiting For Me, I’ll Open The Door And She Comes And Sits On The Door Mat. Her Name Is Edith And She’s My New Best Friend

Image credits: Sophie Moore

#61 About A Week Ago As I Was Taking A Stroll I Saw This Brilliant Sign And Was Disappointed With The Lack Of Dogs That I Witnessed Alongside It. Ever Since I Have Been Frequenting This Street, Full Of Hope Of The Day That I’ll Get To Meet The Enigma That Is Barbara. Today Was The Day And She Came Very Excitedly And Very Loudly With A Bonus Little Friend!! Best. Iso. Walk. Ever. Soz For The Shakey Pics, I Was Walking And Photographing At The Same Time. Melbourne, Australia

Image credits: Abi Tre

#62 Hekkin Cute Golden Boi Ralph

Image credits: Honor Penman

#63 Met A Friend Today Who Needed To Be Returned Home. Please Read Clancy The Runaways Dog Tag!!!

Image credits: Nicole Patrick‎

#64 This Picture Will Make Your Day So Much Happier I Promise, This Made Mine

Image credits: Jasmine Lindley‎

#65 My Friend Found A Momma Pup In A Parking Lot A Week Ago. Knew She Was Preggo And Decided To Help Her Out. Little Did He Know She Would Have Fifteen ( 1 5 ) Puppies!!! Holy Cow. Can’t Wait To Cuddle These Babies!

Image credits: Caitlin Grant

#66 Spotted An 8-Week Golden This Morning! Meet Luna Guaranteed To Melt Your Heart My Best Friend Picked Her Up Yesterday!

Image credits: Ariel Caruso

#67 Okay, So I Knew No One Would Believe Me So I Took Pictures. Our Family Was Camping, When People Pulled Up Beside Us With Their Trailer And Truck. After They Got Situated The Lady Popped Over And Seen Our 4 Dogs. She Said She Has Some Dogs With Her As Well, We Asked “Oh How Many Dogs Do You Have?” Said Said “19” And Walked Away. We All Thought We Heard Wrong. I Waited A Bit And Went Over. Below Is What I Found. All The Dogs Were So Happy And Healthy. I Didn’t Hear Any Of Them Bark And They Went Swimming Everyday. (Imagine Watching 19 Dogs Swim, The Old And Small Dogs Stayed On Her Paddle Board). Best Vacation.

Image credits: Nicole Perrault

#68 This Gentleman Came To My Establishment To Drink Tea And Eat Icecream With His Human. (We Do A Doggy Icecream!) His Name, “Moustache Pete”.

Image credits: Emma Minter

#69 His Name Is Tito Hehe

Image credits: Nathalie Scott

#70 Cycling Supervisor – Balham.

Image credits: Jake Owens

#71 Today I Met Baxter At A Property I Sold. Can Confirm He Likes To Bite His Sister Ruby’s Ears And Liked My Shoes. 12/10 Puppy Dog Eyes Bonus Pic Of Snoot In The Comments

Image credits: Justin Spagnuolo

#72 Teeefs

Image credits: Nick Fischer

#73 Spotted This Daddy Leading His Hoard Of Puppers To The Yard For Playtime. 15/10 Would Get Smothered In Kisses By These Cute Babies Again

Image credits: Nicole Marie

#74 A Million People Came To Take Pictures Of This Smol Puppers Taking A Nap In The Park! (His Brother Looked On Enviously!)

Image credits: Hahna Yoon

#75 A Good Girl At The Mall. I Did A Scream. 20/10 Would Yell Again

Image credits: Carolina Pessanha

#76 Um …. Yes

Image credits: Mark Augello

#77 Me Spotting A Lady Spotting A Dog Spotting Me!

Image credits: Johana Davila

#78 Spotted Little Winnie Falling Asleep In Her Mums Hands!

Image credits: Lorna Grey

#79 Rain Hater Spotted Hating The Rain

Image credits: Madi Tevez

#80 Spotted This Beautiful Face Today

Image credits: Marlene Arreguín

#81 This Is My House, This Is Definitely Not My Dog

Image credits: Anisa Hashmi-Culling

#82 Cutest Golden Retrievers!!!! Spotted At Ithaca’s Farmer’s Market

Image credits: Hayne Kim

#83 Found This Cute Fluffy Number Today. He Was So Adorable, Still A Baby So Very Vocal About Wanting Pets

Image credits: Bianca Donevski

#84 This Is Tank, 8-Week Old Rottweiler Pup Snoozing On An Outdoor Bar Counter In The Rino District In Denver.

Image credits: Ann VanOosten‎

#85 This Is Lewis. He Is Now 16 1/2 Years Old This Is From His Boofday Party

Image credits: Stacey Dow

#86 Met This Lil Nugget During A Socially Distanced Outing

Image credits: Hannah Rae

#87 Hands Down The Coolest Dude On The Roads ~ Spotted In South West London

Image credits: Natasha Frew

#88 Just Spotted This Unit Catching A Few Rays. Day Made.

Image credits: Max Robertson

#89 Parents New Neighbours Have A Very Playful Boi Spotted In Humlebæk, Denmark.

Image credits: Alexandra Jonsson

#90 Me The Cutest Bebé At A Dog Themed Brewery! This Gorl Is Chili, She’s 8 Weeks Old, And She Hasn’t Learned To Sit Still For A Picture Even Though She’s Super Photogenic Anyway

Image credits: Joe Gates

#91 I’m Terrified Of Flying, But This Little Cutie Already Has Me Calmer Than I Have Ever Been On A Flight

Image credits: Shelby Rose

#92 Blessed By A Baby Cloud At The Beach

Image credits: Jenna Berger

#93 This Doggo Pops Its Head Through The Hole In The Fence When I Go For A Walk

Image credits: Samantha Blondell

#94 Met Ellie Today – The Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Image credits: Sarah Braciak

#95 Spotted This Cute Corgi In A Backpack! Her Name Is On The Backpack. She Was A Happy Girl.

Image credits: Tracy Korkuc

#96 Meet Zoe The Cutest Cavoodle You’ve Ever Seen.

Image credits: Tashiya Rajasingham

#97 Dear People Of Dogspotting I Am Writing This Message Because I Am Dead. I Died. Right Then And There Because Bruno Is The Most Floofiest Cutest And Goodest Boi That’s Just Out And About For The First Time Since His Jabs! It Took Everything In My Power Not Cry In Public On The Street Near My Work. And I Stroked Him For Lots Of Minutes. 100000000000000000000/10 Would Die Again! Never Met A Baby Bernard Before. Also Don’t Want To Ignore The Bestest Retriever Who Understood Why Fluffybutt Was Getting All The Attention. Grace Poise And Dignity. 20000000000000000/10 Would Steal Both Dogs And Enjoy My New Life Of Crime!

Image credits: Nadie Keating

#98 On My Way Home I Saw This Huge Floof Refusing To Walk Despite His Mom Using Bribes And Pg13 Words. I Offered Mom And The (Obviously) Exhausted Pup A Ride. Mom Said, Thanks So Much, But He Does This Often And Needs To Learn It’s Not Rewarded By A Car Ride. I Told Her I Must Share The Story And Picture With A Friend. Here, Friend

Image credits: Marie Hood‎

#99 I Met Iska Today, She’s An Iclandic Sheperd And She Loves People, Especially Kids ! Sometimes She’s Tired So They Have To Carry Her

Image credits: Moira Forde

#100 Today I Met Zoey. When Her Mom Could No Longer Care For Her Puppy Siblings And Her, Their Human Sister Took Them In. But Then Her Sister Realized She Couldn’t Care For Them All. So Zoey’s New Parents Gave Her A Home On The Waterfront, Complete With Golf Cart Rides And Lots Of Neighbors Who Love Her. 14/10 There’s Always Enough Love In Your Heart For A New Family

Image credits: Loren Sztajer

#101 Met Ol Missy Today While Cleaning Houses. She Would Not Stop Borking, Or Growling, Had To Bait With Treats For Photos. She Genuinely Did Not Like My Presence. 10/10 Dog

Image credits: Nadine Lee

#102 Saw This Cutie Driving Around Central Park Yesterday!

Image credits: Brittany Halinka

#103 Today I Have To Send My Baby Boomer Over The Rainbow Bridge. It’s Been A Tough Day And Then I See This Little Guy Who Cheered Me Up With A Sweet Little Lick. Y’all Meet Bronx The Most Perfect Doggo There Ever Was!

Image credits: Christina Lo Duca

#104 Look. At. Lancelot

Image credits: Sophia Coleman-Makela


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