There’s A Group Dedicated To Sharing “You Had One Job” Fails, And Here Are 83 Of The Funniest Ones (New Pics)

If it was up to us, we’d only talk about our successes. After all, who likes telling the entire world how badly they failed?! But failure is inevitable, and if you never go wrong, you never learn. Or so they say…

So this time, we are diving deep into the world of cases where people who had only one, a single heckin’ job on their to-do list, managed to fail miserably. And thanks to the 508k followers-strong subreddit “One Job,” there’s a lot to uncover.

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Think of changing light bulbs, putting masking tape on electrical plugs, serving donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts, or arranging a parking lot into spots—some of these jobs sound like no-brainers, others seem to require more effort. Blame it on weather, circumstances, luck turning its back, a black cat crossing your path, or whatever, but one thing is clear—the results were not worthy of promotion.

Scroll down to upvote your favorite “you had one job” examples and be sure to check out our previous posts with people failing at their duties here, here and here.

#1 To Add More Security

Image credits: JGXJM

#2 You Morons…

Image credits: Rou9hrider78

#3 Anti Vaccine Protests, Today In Toronto. They Ain’t Too Bright

Image credits: francesjames

#4 I Would Love To See This In My Kitchen!

Image credits: caprisonny193

#5 Who Went Through With This?

Image credits: baylerbons

#6 Another Case Of Failing The Only Job You Were Given

Image credits: username123456111111

#7 The Bones Aren’t Spread

Image credits: 97th69

#8 Why Did You Do This

Image credits: Otherwise_Scientist2

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#9 Free Covid In Houston!

Image credits: losifarian

#10 This Electrical Outlet

Image credits:

#11 Thanks For The Informative Picture

Image credits: Innovative_Panda

#12 Online Engineer

Image credits: _AlexanderTheFake_

#13 Job To Censor This Guy’s Face

Image credits: ary_s

#14 Gee Thanks Dude…

Image credits: Aggressive_Cherry_81

#15 So Boss I Have Finished Labelling All Them Bottles

Image credits: FranktheMug

#16 Ah !! The Starbucks Drive – Thru (9 3/4) For Hogwarts Students

Image credits: COOL_GEEK_010506

#17 Allergic To What Now?

Image credits: robinparrish

#18 This Parking Lot At My Grandparents House

Image credits: RefuseNo9121

#19 Can’t Beleave They’d Leaf It Like This

Image credits: Lanky-Brit

#20 You Had One Jobs To Put A Masking Tape On The Electrical Plugs

Image credits: Asem1989

#21 I’ve Always Wanted To Be Sand

Image credits: Goblin088

#22 “World’s Most Helpful Error Message” (Captured From A Ltt Video)

Image credits: HeyImGabriel

#23 Its The Rock.. Right?

Image credits: ChrOwonon

#24 Hey Boss, I Placed The Photo Just Like You Said

Image credits: Dragoner_online

#25 Popemobile

Image credits: tarun2619

#26 You Just Had To Click The Folder!

Image credits: bitchyswiftie

#27 My Rare Found… I Think I Know Who Is Buying This

Image credits: BEAN_Demolisher

#28 Problem Fixed

Image credits: lostproton

#29 Turn Rliegfht

Image credits: polite__redditor

#30 Imagine Someone Watching This While Wearing The Same Vest

Image credits: dopeking404

#31 Which One Do I Choose…

Image credits: Gucci_Lobster

#32 I Wonder If They’re Hiring…

Image credits: derkandelvis

#33 Son, You Were Adorpted

Image credits: bifoot

#34 This Is How It Came From The Factory

Image credits: Julis_texsture_team

#35 Money Wasted

Image credits: puchakpuchak

#36 They Do It Just To Be In This Subreddit

Image credits: lostproton

#37 The New Way To Sit In A Wheelchair

Image credits: thesequelsuck

#38 Meating Huh?

Image credits: DonMac1989

#39 Is Anybody Familiar With This Particular Dog Breed?

Image credits: Cookie-Catto

#40 Sonic Gave Me A Flavorless Slushy

Image credits: Albino_Fr0g

#41 Clock In My Schools Band Practice Room

Image credits: Hawkthemanaaaaaaa

#42 No, You Turn

Image credits: dhavalp03

#43 Must Be Fun To Ride There.

Image credits: lostproton

#44 I’ll Stay Away From This Barber Shop, Thanks

Image credits: SpilledCobra872

#45 I Checked Everyone’s Temperature!

Image credits: Truji11o

#46 I Cant Tell If Amazon Purposely Did It For The Package To Get Stolen. No Box. Didnt Even Hide It. What Do You Know. My Package Got Stolen

Image credits: Trickshotzzz

#47 This Stopper, That Doesn’t Touch The Floor

Image credits: N_0_N_A_M_E

#48 I Am Out Of Words. Happened With Firefox, On A Banking Website

Image credits: NajeedStone

#49 Sounds Like A Good Time To Me

Image credits: Kexbyyy

#50 Ah Yes, My Favorite Snacks To Buy At The Gas Station.

Image credits: Vidvidambusgamer

#51 I Let My Parents Hang My New Tapestry And…

Image credits: Syk00

#52 Bbc Fails To Nail It

Image credits: ErwinFurwinPurrwin

#53 Gary’s Hat

Image credits: AdamWestsButtDouble

#54 This Clock In My School’s Gym

Image credits: ItsYay

#55 Really Trying To Grasp The Story Behind This

Image credits: user_namec_hecks_out

#56 Was At Flea Market Today And…

Image credits: CadburyRabbit

#57 This Fortune Cookie Had No Fortune.

Image credits: TriforceShiekah16

#58 Slide-1 Spine-0

Image credits: daaaangdood

#59 At A Public Toilett

Image credits: NeeteX

#60 Neither Are Cold

Image credits: popeandfriends

#61 Is It Me Or Is That The Same Helicopter?

Image credits: TECHN0FARMER

#62 From A Construction Site… The Guy Who Made The Sign Didn’t Think It Through Properly

Image credits: HarrisonAbbotsford

#63 These “Nike” Pants

Image credits: CaioMasLevanto

#64 Dammit Disneyland, How Hard Is It To Properly Label A Toilet?

Image credits: CorbinMar

#65 Impossible Sudoku

Image credits: Justin_Uddaguy

#66 Ah Yes, Large Fries And A Filet-O-Fish. Thanks, Mcdonald’s

Image credits: gingerella19

#67 Worst Mouse Trap Ever

Image credits: Butt-Hole-McGee

#68 Why Is There A Wall There- Also Why The Heater

Image credits: saltsourz

#69 Coming Soon In 2022 The Next Variant

Image credits: FranktheMug

#70 I Collected All The Cones, Boss

Image credits: Familiar_Big3322

#71 Anyone Have An Idea On What Speed I Should Go?

Image credits: Otherwise_Study7035

#72 The Australian Fanta Can

Image credits: GcubePlayer8w

#73 They’ve Told Me To Paint Straight Following The Curve

Image credits: miguelopop

#74 Pouring Some Concrete

Image credits: Boojibs

#75 Why Did My Brain Decide To See This. I Walked That Way Many Times And Have Never Seen That Before. Why

Image credits: JUST-_VOID

#76 This Bothers Me More Than It Should

Image credits: Trippyfetus

#77 It’s A… A… Colored Water

Image credits: mytioghoul

#78 Ah Yes, Serbian (Latin)

Image credits: SeaBoss2

#79 Seems Ok To Me

Image credits: entity_4O4

#80 Put The Lid On The Almond Milk Boss

Image credits: idectorm

#81 The New Avengers

Image credits: ChristopherKoup

#82 That Will Be A No From Me

#83 Do They Really Need A Sign To Make This Point?

Image credits: Logical-Resist4497

#84 This Brand Of Paint Made Me Laugh So Hard

#85 Dunkin’ Donuts Has No Donuts

Image credits: SayLittleDoMuch

#86 I Took The Stairs


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