These 45 Signs Are As Useful As A Chocolate Teapot And People Couldn’t Resist Sharing Them

We humans are big fans of recognizing patterns. “Fans” is an understatement. Our comparatively gargantuan brains and this noticing of patterns is one of the key things that helped us survive and evolve to where we are today.

What I’m getting to is that we notice things and sometimes falsely attach them to others. So when we see a sign, we expect it to be informative, concise, official… But sometimes they’re anything but.

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Today, we’ve collected a whole bunch of these signs that are so useless, they become hilarious.

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#1 This Monstrosity

Image credits: u/DragonThief98

#2 No S**t Sherlo… Wait… Cake?

Image credits: u/nomaddd79

#3 Dang Was Scheduling To Have A Heart Attack There Gotta Go Somewhere Else I Guess

Image credits: u/Lonely_Huckleberry98

If you said “God, please send me a sign” and got one of these, what would you do? Actually, how do people even understand that a sign sent is one from God? After all, most signs we get are either for advertisers vying for our attention or road construction workers.

Enough of the theology tangent now. But the fact that we expect signs to be from certain sources is important in our case. It’s likely what makes these signs so strange and funny at the same time.

That’s especially true for metal plaques. They’ve got this air of officiality about them, so when you see one advertising itself as having “sharp edges,” it’s even more funny.

#4 What

Image credits: u/200K_Official

#5 Seen On A Delivery

Image credits: u/_BurntReynolds

#6 Nothing Happened

Image credits: u/MrBrianWeldon

There are lots of unexpectedly odd signs around the world. A lot of them are for nationally widespread animals crossing the road. These could be llamas, hedgehogs, oryxes (a kind of antelope), camels or even kangaroos. 

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You probably don’t encounter them every day, but they’re a good reminder of the fact that the world we live in doesn’t belong to us alone and that we’re actually sharing it with millions of other creatures. It goes without saying that you should slow down for them.

#7 Well, Obviously!

Image credits: u/Rusty_Mojo_88

#8 Damn I Was Planning On Playing Football There

Image credits: u/[deleted]

#9 Thanks For The Heads Up

Image credits: u/addrain1

All this talk about animal signs may have gotten you thinking about why animals such as deer have a certain tendency of freezing on the road. A lot of people think that they’re simply “stupid” or stubborn.

The truth is, especially at night, a deer’s pupils are fully dilated to take in as much nighttime light as possible, so when your high beams hit their eyes, they become blind for a second. Well, not really a second, they stand there for as long as it takes for their eyes to adjust and they begin seeing again.

And to the people making fun of their intelligence – they may not be the sharpest horn in the forest, but they’ve been here before us and at the rate we’re abusing the planet, they’ll be here after us.

#10 I Live In A Very Classy Area

Image credits: u/beesknees42069

#11 Guess Some Hotels Charge?

Image credits: u/camcox3

#12 Thank Goodness For The Sign. I Almost Used The Basin

Image credits: u/aJrenalin

People are certainly no strangers to funny signs, though. If you were to take a casual stroll across a full parking lot, you’d likely see loads of them. You’d probably see some recurring ones, but also many unique ones, ones with hidden and never-before-seen meanings. 

There’s a fair share of them that are absolutely unfunny to the max, but there are also some ironic ones that are worthy of a smile.

You can find loads of these suckers on Amazon, like “narcissist on board” and “I’m naked from the waist down.” Who could forget “nutter on board” too. Simply charming.

#13 I Would Have Died If Not For The Stop Sign. Obviously

Image credits: u/Ericrobertson1978

#14 He Could’ve Just Called Me

Image credits: u/waitisthataguayaba

#15 In Case There Was Any Doubt

Image credits: u/dementio

#16 Sale!

Image credits: u/blanketdweller

#17 Would Have Been Lost Without This Sign.. Lucky Me

Image credits: u/vasboss

#18 Unnecessary Instructions

Image credits: u/OrneryNerves

#19 No Smoking In The Designated Smoking Area Guys!

Image credits: u/[deleted]

#20 Deer Can Read, Right?

Image credits: u/sleazegoblin

#21 Instructions For Santa In Case The Milk And Cookies Were Confusing

Image credits: u/nomaddd79

#22 So Confused, Guess I’m Stuck Here!

Image credits: u/Rusty_Mojo_88

#23 This Felt Good Because I Was At The Post Office

Image credits: u/Jaydice55

#24 What Time Do You Think They Close ?

Image credits: u/Zzazy1

#25 We Wanted To Tell You…nothing At All

Image credits: u/comeweintounity

#26 Well… What Are You Going To Do About It?

Image credits: u/realCmdData

#27 Broken

Image credits: u/Insanitychick

#28 Thanks For The Clarification

Image credits: u/Flinion

#29 Might As Well Not Have Bothered With The Sign ?

Image credits: u/nomaddd79

#30 No Cars

Image credits: u/Racingamer145

#31 Which Way Tho?

Image credits: u/Equizotic

#32 Why Have The Sign If You Don’t Want People Throwing Stones?

Image credits: u/augustuscesar

#33 Time

Image credits: u/nomadichedgehog

#34 How Could Anyone Find The Pyramid Without This Very Helpful Sign???

Image credits: u/8piece

#35 That’ll Teach Em!

Image credits: u/nomaddd79

#36 Tempting

Image credits: u/zealous26

#37 Mmmm, Yes. Good Note

Image credits: u/scomen11

#38 Useless Trail Sign

Image credits: u/Furlz 1

#39 Yeah I Don’t Know What To Do Here

Image credits: u/ToxicMurf

#40 Couldn’t Have Done It Without You, Sign

Image credits: u/CtheFuturefor200Alex

#41 Do Not Unplug

Image credits: u/hotcinnamonbuns

#42 Watch Me

Image credits: u/Larriklin

#43 This Sign Reminding Me That The Stairs Go Down

Image credits: u/Flabajacka123

#44 I Had Completely Forgotten And Am Thankful For The Reminder

Image credits: u/EmberReads

#45 This Sign Exists Solely To Legally Disclaim The Existence Of This Sign

Image credits: u/Bread-Zeppelin


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