These Are The Best Art Meme Accounts To Follow On Instagram

Memes are like inside jokes — hearing one can reveal a lot about a situation you only know a little about.

In a similar way, memes about the art world and art-making can be a fun way to better understand the complexes and issues that people deeply embedded in art have on their minds, while also showcasing the different ways people experience the multifaceted phenomena we call “the art world.”

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For example, @freeze_magazine, run by an immigrant who studied curation at a prestigious London school, makes cathartic and/or despair-inducing memes about the risks of entering the art world without family money. Meanwhile, @jerrygogosian, a jet-setting blonde ex-curator, pantomines the tortured social dances and trickery that goes into buying and selling blue chip art.

And of course, a popular meme page is not just a means unto itself. Since starting their page, @freeze_magazine had an exhibit of his memes up at Weserhalle Gallery in Berlin, while @jerrygogosian started a newsletter and is currently crowdfunding her trip to the Venice Biennale.

Gathered below is the best of art memes and art-related content that Instagram has to offer.


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