These Aren't Real Cats, They're Adorable Cat Bags

Don’t be deceived by these adorable cats – they’re actually bags. Felissimo, Japan’s premier provider of cat-themed lifestyle products released a new line of kitty kinchakus (traditional drawstring pouches carried by women wearing kimono). Sora News 24’s Casey Baseel reports:

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The Nekomanmaru Kinchaku, as they’re officially called, are priced at 2,478 yen (US$23) each, and can be ordered here through Felissimo’s online store. As with many of the company’s products, the cat kinchaku are being offered in a subscription-like format, with customers receiving a different, non-specified design each month, but you can rest easy knowing that any of them will pair well with Japan’s enticing cat sandals this summer.

image via Felissimo

Source: neatorama

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