These Chicken Nuggets are Actually Ice Cream

🍦 They look like chicken nuggets, but they’re actually ice cream covered in cereal crumbs by Milk & Cream Bar in New York. The snack comes in cardboard containers you’d usually get with actual chicky nuggies, and even comes with a container of honey dipping sauce. Yum!

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🚁 It’s 2021, where’s my flying car? Well, that may still be ways off, but how about a flying electric multicopter? Swedish startup Jetson unveiled its eVTOL (electric vertical take off and landing vehicle) called Jetson One that looks like a podracer straight out of Star Wars.

😻 When Liam Thompson noticed that his 20-year-old cat named Frodo had trouble walking up and down a set of stairs, he decided to to help by building a cat elevator.

🕹️ Thumby: a teeny tiny game system the size of your thumb.

🏰 A man’s home is his castle, but this house in Michigan is actually shaped just like one. And now it’s for sale for $2.3 million. Look inside.

🧶 If you ended up buying that castle above, then this would be the perfect bed for your pet cat: crocheted cat castle pet bed.

🌳 Mill Ends Park, the world’s smallest park, is moving … 6 inches to the left.

🖖 Star Trek replicators, how do they work?

🎲 Lastly, a cafe like no other: a retired elementary school teacher in Virginia opens Unplugged Cafe and stocks it with 700 board games to encourage family to play together.

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Image: Milk & Cream Cereal Bar

Source: neatorama

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