These Five Life Skills Need To Be Taught in Schools

We acquire a lot of knowledge at school and generally, formal education should ease the process of learning and teaching concepts to the next generation by giving them the necessary skills and knowhow that would help them develop into fine adults who could contribute to society.

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But out of all the things that children learn from school, there are certain things that should be taught. These five skills, which include communication and financial literacy, are pretty basic life skills that anyone should know before they go out into the world.

Why is it then that many adults today are able to coast in life without having knowledge of these basic life skills?

Education too frequently focuses on preparing people for the workforce. While we will always need well-trained and knowledgeable mathematicians, engineers, teachers, and therapists, work is just one part of our lives. For a truly competent, intelligent, and healthy population, more attention needs to be paid to the skills that everyone needs on a daily basis.

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