These Jeans Are Made to Look Like the User Peed His Pants

The runway model did not pee his pants.

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Well, actually, that’s possible. We don’t know for certain. But the pants that he’s wearing are made to look like he peed his pants. So it’s possible he went ahead and peed in them anyway because, well, he’s got nothing to lose at this point.

The revered journalistic outlet TMZ reports that the elite Jordanluca fashion house offers these luxuriously pre-stained (or pre-peed) jeans for a whopping $608–or it did until the jeans sold out of stock.

Browsing Jordanluca’s website, I also found these unusual jeans that appear to have a sideways fly. Do we see that correctly?

Yes, we do. Jordanluca is truly the source of marvelous fashions that will make you stand out in a crowd.

-via VA Viper | Photo: Antonello Trio

Source: neatorama

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