These Pants Are Made Of The World’s Strongest Material

The Omega pants by Graphene-X is made of a three-layer fabric that’s stretchable, waterproof, and destruction-proof. That’s right, destruction-proof! Graphene, hailed as the world’s strongest material, is integrated into the fabric. The material helps the Omega pants show less wear and tear, as Yanko Design details: 

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You could take an abrasive pad or sandpaper to it and where most tactical clothing show signs of failure, the Omega ends up looking like nothing ever happened to it. The pants’ construction further enables this durability, with knee-panels, a reinforced crotch, and taped seams to hold the stitching together even after a rough day. The Graphene pants are naturally anti-microbial too, which means they need less frequent washing than your regular pair of pants, and the fabric comes treated with a water-repellent coating too, allowing it to never get stained or wet if you jump into a muddy creek or accidentally drop coffee on it.

Image via Yanko Design 

Source: neatorama

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