These Posts Of Horrendous Roommates Should Prevent You From Ever Living With People Again

Living with another person under the same roof requires compromise. After all, everyone wants their home to be an oasis from the stresses of the outside world. Not to mention all the responsibilities you have to share to keep everything in order, such as bills, chores, and other maintenance tasks that demand mutual understanding and cooperation.

But apparently, that’s too much to ask from some people. There’s a subreddit called ‘Bad Roommates‘ and it’s full of tales about the gross, the annoying, and the psychotic. So we at Bored Panda decided to compile some of the most memorable ones to remind you just how important it is to find someone that you can get along with. Otherwise, you might end up in a situation that seriously tests your patience and sanity.

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#1 Maybe I Should Try This

Image credits: CrysisRequiem

#2 Thought You Guys Might Enjoy This

Image credits: pax1

#3 I Have A Dream

Image credits: kanna172014

#4 Family Member Has Cancer And No Immune System, And Is Largely Bed-Ridden. We Sanitized Her Whole House A Few Days Ago. Came To Pick Her Up And Found This. Told Her Roommate To Move The F Out, Immediately

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#5 And So It Continues

Image credits: Futterz

#6 A Solution I Made In An Old Share House To Solve A Milk Thieving Problem

Image credits: Sumhere

#7 Saw This On Fb And Thought It Might Help Some People Here!

Image credits: swirl23

#8 Saw This On Twitter.. Felt It Belonged Here

Image credits: pleasuregarden

#9 When Your Housemate Uses The Living Room As His Bedroom

Image credits: td5000

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#10 At One Point In Time There Were Close To 20 Cups On The Coffee Table In The Living Room

Image credits: imabitchnotathot

#11 Left My Apartment For About A Month Because Of Covid. Came Back To Find This, The Ac Set To 40 * F, The Sink Running,the Back Door Wide Open And The Roommate Moved Out

Image credits: RognogMcdogbog

#12 I Was Gone For 1 F**king Weekend!!!!

Image credits: nelsontitties

#13 This Was The Only Way To Ward Off My Roommate From Sipping Out Of My Mouthwash Without Me Knowing… She Used 3/4 Of The Bottle, Does She Really Think I Am That Dumb That I Won’t Notice? Hope She Freaks Out

Image credits: beesbuzzlots

#14 Asked My Former Flatmates Not To Use Metalware In My Nonstick Pot, Was Told I Was Being Unreasonable And That They Wouldn’t Scratch It. My Sister’s Identical Pot Of The Same Age Pictured For Comparison

Image credits: smemilysmems

#15 #tbt To My College Days

Image credits:

#16 My Roommate Thinks These Spatulas Are Clean And Still Uses Them To Cook

Image credits: fserv11

#17 Burn Hole I Discovered Hidden Underneath My Roommates Bed After I Kicked Her Out. Pineapple For Scale

Image credits: SadClownCircus

#18 Day 6 Of Living With A Roommate For The First Time. I’m Looking For A New Place

Image credits: bigshrimps

#19 I Come Home To This Fairly Often

Image credits: angelface_kermit

#20 Thought This Would Fit Well Here. Any Brooklyn Roommate Stories Like This?

Image credits:

#21 Woke Up To This Today

Image credits: Pilotlies

#22 My Roommate Occasionally Leaves Careless Messes In The Kitchen. I Started Labeling Them As His Art Projects

Image credits: NugsOrBust

#23 I Guess My Latino Culture Triggered My Roommate ?

Image credits: MyNameStartsWithGU

#24 Love Trying To Make Myself Breakfast Before Work In My Lovely Kitchen ?

Image credits:

#25 Went Home During Quarantine, Let My Roommate Use My Room For “Storage”, Came Back To This

Image credits: localbogmonster

#26 The Living Room Was Like This For 4 Months. All From One Person

Image credits: beets_or_turnips

#27 Guess You Can’t Expect People To Know About Dryer Lint

Image credits: boblogbob

#28 It’s Sad That It Was Necessary To Write This. There Was A Time I Bought Pie, The Next Day, I Went To Get A Piece (Hadn’t Tried Any Yet), And There Was Only One, Small Sliver Left. There’s No One Else That Lives Here, He Ate The Whole Thing Himself. ? He Did The Same Thing To My Krispy Kreme, Rip

Image credits: ScruffleMcDufflebag

#29 Why Is Replacing The Toilet Paper Roll So Hard?? The World May Never Know

Image credits: LewIsLost

#30 Full Disclosure: Not My Roommate, No Explanation/Story, And Found On Twitter. I Thought It Fit Well Here Anyways

Image credits: Vannah_say

#31 Accidentally Locked My Roommate Out Of The Bathroom For 2 Minutes, I Promptly Unlocked Once She Notified Me, And Her Natural Reaction Was To Remove The Doorknobs From The Doors In Our House

Image credits: Frosting-Federal

#32 Never Got To Use My Rice Cooker (-_-;)・・・

Image credits:

#33 My Boyfriend (22m) And I (21m) Live With A 23f And 28m. I’m Sick Of Constantly Playing Mommy To Them

Image credits: purpleopium

#34 Thought You Guys Would Appreciate This Page In My Adult Coloring Book

Image credits: facethecrowd

#35 Roommate Decided It Was A Good Idea To Put An Incense Cone On The Lid Of My Telescope. Went Right Through And Landed On The Mirror

Image credits: Astrofluke

#36 When Your Roommate Pulls The “My Bad! I’ll Clean That Up As Soon As I Can.” For The 8th Time

Image credits: roguespectre67

#37 I’ve Asked Her To Stop Popping Her Pimples And Sticking The Pus On The Mirror Three Times Already…. This Is Just Embarrassing For Her Now

Image credits: greenbeanso

#38 My Roommates Were So Bad That I Finally Said, “Screw It” And Got My Own Place. My Wallet Is Hurting But My Sanity Is Intact

Image credits:

#39 Pulled The Foil Off Of This To See What Was In It And It’s Empty!! And Still In The Fridge! What The F**k!?

Image credits: SneezyHydra

#40 I Live With My Sister. She Got Engaged Less Than A Week Ago And I Get This Text While I’m Out Of Town

Image credits: TarahKat

#41 Found This On Craigslist. Kinda Want To Respond. At Least She’s Honest!!

Image credits: Growmorebees

#42 He Broke The Plunger, Clogged The Toilet Again, Let It Sit For 3 Days And Then Left The State

Image credits: no_shadow

#43 Asked Roommate To Do His Dishes And He Said ”im Not Allowed To Clean”

Image credits: ThisIsNotTex

#44 Break My Stuff And Don’t Tell Me About It Why Don’t You!!!!! Leave Me To Search The House To Find It In The Recycling ????????????????????????

Image credits: Gemgemgemgemgemy

#45 When I’m Happily Chillin At Home Alone And Hear My Roommate Unlock The Door

Image credits: skittlesnmypussy

#46 Every Single Day Since Our Quarantine Started Has Been Like This

Image credits: hoorsandrumham

#47 Update On My Jobless Roommate Who Won’t Do His Dishes. My Latest Invention: The Bad Roommate Box 🙂

Image credits: NiceGrandpa

#48 Roommate Used My Favorite Turtleneck As A BBQ Rag Last Night :-/

Image credits: notmadehere

#49 “I’ll Do It”

Image credits: sazzles59

#50 Don’t Become Roommates With Your Friends

Image credits: naomimyers45

#51 Leaning Tower Of Garbage

Image credits: catserole

#52 How It Feels Living With Messy People

Image credits: RestlesssHands

#53 Mfw One Of My 5 Roommates Gets A Dog, Without Asking Any Other Of The Roommates 3 Of Which Have Dog Allergies/Asthma, Or The Landlord And Is Forced To Give Up The Dog Or Face Eviction And Then Says He Hates Us For Taking Away His Dog

Image credits:

#54 The Gag Is…she Had Already Eaten All My Hash Browns The Night Before, This Text Was Just An Attempt To Cover Her A*s!

Image credits: Depth-Immediate

#55 Apparently I Have To Be Quiet While Watching Football In My Own Room

Image credits: youtubeslut

#56 She’s Very Nice But I Want To Sleep At A Reasonable Hour

Image credits: SonOfStarGod

#57 It’s A Small Thing But Really? I Spent So Long Cleaning This Kitchen 🙁

Image credits: RareWolf34

#58 Thou Shall Never Happen

Image credits: LoktinWong

#59 Roomy Just Moved In. No Prior Relationship. Day One And All He’s Unpacked Is This. Making Me A Little Skeptical… Do I Address It?

Image credits: throawayboi

#60 They’re Not For A Snake, They’re Her Dead Pet Rats That She Kept In Our Fridge. Pet Semetary Maybe??

Image credits: bluebird723

#61 Roommate Drank My Vanilla Extract

Image credits: danoob9000

#62 When Being Passive Aggressive Isn’t Working

Image credits: ThatNigerian

#63 Day Two…still No Toilet Paper. May The Best Man Win

Image credits:

#64 Am I Being Unreasonable For This?

Image credits: Dostoyevskee

#65 Asked Me To Stop Doing Her Dishes. Thought That Meant She Was Gonna Start Doing Her Dishes

Image credits: AutumnCupcake

#66 I Bought My Own Separate Coffee Maker Months Ago. I Think This Picture Is Pretty Self-Explanatory As To Why

Image credits: terrihaya

#67 My Irresponsible Roommate Is At It Again With The Room Temperature Chicken

Image credits: kaybaby00

#68 Gone For A Week, Just Came Home To This

Image credits: du_hund_du

#69 A Constant Battle Of Trying To Get My Irresponsible Roommate Not To Leave His Chicken Everywhere. He’s Also Got One On The Kitchen Table Thats Been There For A Few Days. Before You Ask, Yes He Eats Them Throughout The Week

Image credits: kaybaby00

#70 “I’m Just Inviting A Couple Friends Over For A Little Bit” – 5 Hours Ago

Image credits: Double2k

#71 I Once Lived In Company-Provided Housing With Seven Other Women. I Don’t Think I Ever Saw An Empty Sink (Or Counter!) In The Four Months I Lived There

Image credits: sorrydaddy_

#72 Only One Bathroom

Image credits: Fontonia

#73 Top -> All Time Was Like A Checklist Of Memories I Suppressed

Image credits: SilentSamurai

#74 Dont Wanna Seem Dramatic But It’s Small Stuff Like This That Builds Up Resentment, Why Not Just Fill It Up And Put It Back After Using All The Ice?

Image credits: rylohayes92

#75 Came Home From Work At Midnight To This

Image credits: Shkinball


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