These Public Transport Passengers Have No Respect For Anyone, And Here Are 110 Pics That Prove It

Common sense really isn’t as common as you think. Or as common as it needs to be! The simple fact of the matter is that when we’re in public, we’re not alone and have to respect others. We know, we know, we can practically hear some of you Pandas laughing and saying, “That’s what the word ‘public’ means, doofus.” It’s an obvious thing. But just how obvious is it, really?

When you go on public transport—whether that’s the subway (aka the metro, aka the tube), your local triple-decker bus, or some sort of large communal skateboard—you expect people to Behave A Certain Way. At the end of the day, even though you expect to see a bit of weirdness on public transportation, all you want is some basic courtesy. The guy dressed as a literal clown by the window may be the politest person in town, but that sharply dressed fellow sitting right over yonder can be the rudest, most infuriating individual you’ve ever met.

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Bored Panda has collected proof that some passengers have absolutely no clue how to behave on public transport, and should seriously reconsider their life values. Scroll down for the worst of the worst, upvote the pics that made you go ‘ew!’ and ‘yuck!’, and tell us all about all the horrible things you’ve seen on your commute, dear Pandas.

Bored Panda wanted to get to grips with public transportation etiquette and culture, so we reached out to Rick McGuire, the mastermind behind the ‘Subway Creatures’ social media project that documents unusual commuters on the New York subway. He was kind enough to answer our questions. You’ll find our full interview with him below, so be sure to read on.

Oh, and if you’ve got a twinge of Faith in Humanity left that you don’t mind losing, definitely check out Bored Panda’s previous features about subway strangeness, here and here.

Happy scrolling… just make sure you’re not eating anything at the moment. Got your hand sanitizer and Unsee Juice(™) with you? All right, let’s go.

#1 Is There A Podiatrist On The Plane?

Image credits: Zombie_John_Strachan

#2 What’s That Stank?

Image credits: Cory0527

#3 Someone Left These Used Cotton Swabs On This Train Window

Image credits: dinomine3000

Rick, the founder of ‘Subway Creatures,’ told Bored Panda what the passenger culture is like on the New York subway.

“One way to spot a true New Yorker on the subway is to find the person minding their own business and not distracted by anything going on around them,” he said.

“They don’t sit under the subway map because they know that’s inviting tourists to stand over them while they try to navigate the city. They don’t clap for the ‘Showtime’ performers and they know that if there’s an empty subway car, there’s a reason no one’s on it—time to move to the next!”

#4 Oblivious Woman Sitting In Front Of My Dad On A 5-Hour Flight

Image credits: Orygun-Not-Orygone

#5 This Is The One Thing I Am Most Worried About Before Getting On A Plane

Image credits: Addian4

#6 First Of All, Her Hair Is Right In My Face. Second Of All, Where Is My Plane Going

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: OnceJazz366

We also wanted to know whether the ‘culture’ found in one form of public transport differs from that in another, e.g. subways and buses. Here’s what Rick, from ‘Subway Creatures,’ told us: “A lot of the same people and same etiquette apply to all forms of transportation in NYC.”

He continued: “However, the subway is unique in that there are platforms, tunnels, and subway cars which present opportunities for many different ‘activities’ compared to the buses or ferry. You are much less likely to catch performers, musicians, and weird situations on a crosstown bus—but I’m not saying that doesn’t happen!”

#7 Getting Back To My Seat After A Bathroom Break

Image credits: Lamamalin

#8 Sitting Like This On A Plane

Image credits: Antman0528

#9 New Plane Etiquette

Image credits: notpreposterous

Meanwhile, Rick shared some of his insights about how the Covid-19 pandemic had affected the subway in New York City.

“For a while during the pandemic, the NYC subway system was pretty desolate and people were very wary about traveling places around strangers. That has visibly changed in the last year or so and it’s very obvious that more people are now using it again,” he said.

“For some reason, crime has spiked in the subway since the pandemic and that’s another leading cause to why some people refuse to use it these days. It seems more and more people are either walking places or using other means of transportation such as bikes, electric scooters, etc. It’ll be interesting to see if this trend continues in the future.”

#10 Shaving On The Subway

Image credits: DrFetusRN

#11 This Man Taking Up 4 Seats On Public Transit

Image credits: drragan

#12 Dad Letting His Kid Climb The Luggage Rack On A Train

Image credits: ioncoddingtonagain

Look, let’s have a frank chat, Pandas: hygiene is important. Everyone gets sweaty and that’s completely natural, but there’s a limit to how ‘comfortable’ you get on public transport. We draw the line at people taking off their shoes and socks on the subway.

You shouldn’t be going barefoot in places like these! First of all, it’s dirty. Secondly—and more importantly—think of all the other passengers next to you. Some folks stick their stinky, smelly, icky feet into other people’s personal space, and it’s so gross that you don’t need a list like this one to tell you that it’s wrong.

Some passengers go as far as clipping their nails on the tube. Others clean their ears and leave the q-tips for someone else to clean up. Those are definitely worse behaviors than forgetting about your empty bag of crisps. Just… pick up after yourself. Please! Public transport isn’t a public toilet. It’s also not your home where you can do pretty much whatever you want to.

#13 On My Flight To Germany. She Was Squeezing His Pimples For About 1 Hour. He Even Took His Shirt Off So That She Could Squeeze The Pimples On His Back

Image credits: theMiezmiez

#14 It’s Going To Be A Long Flight

Image credits: jangro

#15 On My Morning Commute To Work

Image credits: Tottmeist3r

Then you have your ‘classics’ like pretty awful excuses for human beings taking up way too many seats when it’s crowded. This goes beyond not giving up your seat for those who might need it more and enters the territory of So Incredibly Selfish We Can’t Believe Their Parents Didn’t Teach Them Better.

Something that the Covid-19 pandemic should have taught everyone was the importance of personal hygiene, keeping your distance from others, and wearing face masks. Alas! It seems like far from everyone learned those lessons.

And we’re back to where we were before the pandemic: personal space being invaded by people’s feet (socks optional) and clutter friggin everywhere. Behavior like that is making us seriously consider how deep selfishness can actually go. Not everyone is able to respect common-sense boundaries. But to repeat ourselves, common sense ain’t that common.

#16 Im A Bus Driver. Someone Left Their Food On The Seat

Image credits: tetraquintans

#17 “We Sterilize Every Flight” But Apparently Do Not Remove Human Hair From A Cup Holder Do We Jetblue?

Image credits: SNUFFYCAKES

#18 This Guy On A Plane Ate And Then Threw The Rest Of The Meal He Didn’t Eat In The Hall

Image credits: Aldonza20

Researchers led by Christopher Mason, who had done a 2015 study on the microbes found in the New York subway system, discovered that each city had a different microbial makeup. In other words, researchers could predict with a whopping 88% accuracy which city a sample came from. 

The researchers found 748 bacteria and 10,928 viruses that had not been identified at that point. Though the vast majority of these are (probably) of no concern, it suggests that public transport can be the perfect melting pot for the spread and mutation of new illnesses.

However much we might frown at public transport, it’s not all bad. You can use your commute to catch up on various things, browse some memes, or take a break from everything (…or at least that’s what we tell ourselves to hide the fact that we really REALLY hate long commutes and think they’re soul-crushingly evil in a completely mundane way).

#19 Vaping Inside A Plane

Image credits: OzTs

#20 A Little In Flight Lobster

Image credits: dragonslayar

#21 The People In Front Of Me On My Flight Home

Image credits: lAMAraindog

Rita Friedman, a career coach, previously told Bored Panda that commutes are literally transitional units of space and time, so a lot of commuters use it “as a break between the responsibilities of home and the responsibilities of work or school.”

“It’s the perfect moment to look at pictures of failed cakes or animals making funny faces. It’s just nice to have time where nobody is holding you accountable,” career coach Rita told Bored Panda that commutes can be relaxing if we choose to take the time to unwind.

#22 Dude Takes His Massive Mastiff On The Bus And Fails To Control The Dog. Dog Is Barking Every 10 Seconds. Bonus Points For The Dude’s Butt Hanging Out

Image credits: ends1995

#23 The Joys Of International Travel

Image credits: brownshout

#24 The Final Manspreading Boss

Image credits: hide4way

According to the career coach, “zoning out” can be very therapeutic during our journey to or from work or our studies. Different people deal with stress in different ways.

“That might be scrolling through social media or half-listening to a podcast. I’ll also say some of my best ideas have come to me when I’ve been staring out a window or at a wall. If work is really taxing, you might find that bringing something on your ride lets you focus away from the distractions of the office—it actually might be a lot easier to knock out a report without a chatty coworker hovering nearby.”

#25 Caught This Woman Sitting In Front Of Me On A Plane Sending Some Very Alarming Texts

Image credits: tristydotj

#26 Putting Gum In The Charging Slots On Public Transport

Image credits: adam_finn

#27 People Who Leave A Train Like This

Image credits: HMSBannard

Others choose to use their commutes to catch up on their personal communications, focus on managing their work calendars, and just plain get ready for the day or the week ahead. It’s time for prep that can help you instantly get stuck into work or your studies. On the flip side, relaxing during your commute also has its upsides.

“You might also find yourself more productive at work if you spend your commute doing something like reading or playing a strategy game that gets your brain warmed up. If you are actively walking / driving / biking, taking a different route can help shake things up and break up the monotony,” the coach said.

#28 Compilation Of “Nightmare On A Plane”

Image credits: girolski07

#29 A Friend Shared This Photo Of A Guy On His Bus Eating A Pack Of Raw Mince Meat And Pork Chops Straight Out Of The Packet

Image credits: lodge28

#30 Who Does This?

Image credits: mischiefbrewer

“Unless you have a very long commute, it’s probably pushing it to try to get into any kind of study or meaningful work that requires a state of flow, but it could be a good time to watch a 5-minute refresher tutorial on a new skill you’re working on or to skim through an article your colleagues will also have read.”

#31 This Guy On My 9-Hour Flight Just Plugged These Bad Boys In Once They Turned Off The Lights (11:30PM)

Image credits: deadraibead39

#32 As A Cabin Crew, To See This Mess After The Flight

Image credits: vincisda

#33 This Parent Brings Her Own Potty Seat On Board, And Sets It In The Aisle Midflight For Her Child To Use

When discovered by the crew, she was told she couldn’t do it and would have to use an unoccupied lavatory, and her reply: “I don’t care”.

Image credits: passengershaming

#34 This Guy On My Train Making Butt To Fabric Contact With His Seat

Image credits: AllMyNamesAreTooLong

#35 Parents Who Can’t Take Care Of Their Children On A Commute

Image credits: FarrelMFajar

#36 This Pistachio Eating Jerk

Image credits: MemeHermetic

#37 Lady In Front Of Me During 4-Hour Flight

Image credits: jaaaayftw

#38 Someone Took Off Their Mask To Block The AC Vent In A Public Bus

Image credits: NOCHNOY_

#39 Alone In The Bus Until Somebody Gets In And Decides To Sit There, Despite The Social Distancing Regulation

Image credits: Rheavens

#40 Lady Taking Up Three Seats On A Packed CTA Bus

Image credits: YaboiNoel

#41 Spotted This Kid Next To Me Jumping And Climbing On His Seat While The Plane Was Landing. Parents Please

Image credits: LeDeferon

#42 Watched Her Eat These And Then Just Toss Them On The Bus Floor

Image credits: wheresyourbubble

#43 You Arrive 10 Mins Early For Your Train, The Train Gets Cancelled, The Next Train Is 25 Mins Away, And It Arrives 15 Mins Late, And When The Doors Open You See This

Image credits: bluntman

#44 This Repugnant Toe Right Next To My Daughter On A Flight

Image credits: pretty_dirty

#45 Saw This Gross Woman On My Flight Today

Image credits: h-m-m_

#46 Elderly Lady Behind Me On A Flight. Even After Asking Nicely, She Wouldn’t Move Them And Told Me To Try Meditation To Calm Down

Image credits: th3m4st4

#47 Never Thought It’ll Happen To Me. 6-Hour Flight, Touched Me 3 Times

Image credits: mr_hargao

#48 Clipping Your Nails On The Train And Letting Them Fly Everywhere

Image credits: MagretFume

#49 Nastiest Passenger Award Goes To This Guy. His Child Also Proceeded To Run Up And Down The Isle Screaming

Image credits: londonsages

#50 Drunk Passenger Passed Out And Peed Himself

Image credits: BestUserName510

#51 This Is What I Came Back To After Leaving My Seat For The Toilet

I was on a 9-hour flight and my seat was broken so the flight attendant told me to sit next to this woman. 2 seats next to her were free. The woman told me that I couldn’t sit there because she had another layover and needed to sleep.

Image credits: lolleknolle

#52 Taking All Of The Seats During Rush Hour

Image credits: klok52jasdert

#53 The Girl On The Plane Next To Me Decided To Make Herself Really Comfortable On My Flight To LA Today

Image credits: Figgywithit

#54 This Guy On My Bus To Work Sat Like This In The Elderly/Disabled Priority Section And Was Playing His Crappy Music

Image credits: Helloimanonymoose

#55 Public Transportation Is Not Your Living Room

Image credits: thn_perish

#56 Some Guy Clipping His Toe Nails On City A Bus

Image credits: fzkhn

#57 When The Chicha Bar Is Closed, The Subway Isn’t A Replacement

Image credits: Moug-10

#58 NYC Subway

Image credits: BrettRedacted

#59 Riding The Bus Is Fun And He Was Snoring Loudly

Image credits: dtownjhox

#60 This Guy On The Night Bus In Paris

Image credits: jack635

#61 If You Do This On Flights Or Any Public Transport, Screw You

Image credits: Florik01

#62 Big Speaker Blasting Music On The Bus

Image credits: Osama_Bin_Ladder

#63 This Guy Who’s Playing His Music Out Loud On A Full Flight (At Max Volume)

Image credits: SouthpawAce14

#64 I Had To Change Seats Because These People Started Smoking Next To Me. Not Only That, But They Kicked Leftover Food Under Their Seats And Spilled Drinks All Over The Floor

Image credits: ChicagoChurro

#65 Aaah, Public Transport

Image credits: Algosaubi

#66 The Best Place To Sleep

Image credits: WoWords

#67 That Seat Was Occupied Too

Image credits: whatsasnozberry

#68 Someone Wedged Their Dirty Underwear Next To The Tissue Dispenser On My Plane

Image credits:

#69 On My Flight To Chicago Last Tuesday

Image credits: ebeezy12

#70 People Who Sit Like This On Public Transit And Refuse To Move When Others Are Trying To Get Past Them

Image credits: skrezzed

#71 Waiting To Take Off On A 6-Hour Flight, This Is Going To Be Great. He’s Going To Find Out Soon How Not Ok This Is

Image credits: bewk

#72 This Guy’s Luggage And Coat Taking Up Three Seats On A Bus Where Other People Are Standing

Image credits: thefigg88

#73 The Guy Sitting Across From Me On The Bus

Image credits: bruhgreenbean

#74 People Who Block Window Seats On Public Transit

Image credits: Yaminichi

#75 Guy Shaving His Head On Public Transit

Image credits: BoyBoy01

#76 Elderly Woman Clipping Her Nails In Public Transport

Image credits: mrcapybara47

#77 Benefits Of Flying Economy Class

Image credits: Mortadelllla

#78 A 75-Year-Old Bifocal-Wearing Male Passenger Needs A Massive Font Size On His E-Reader To Read An Adult Book. Get Me Off This Plane

He was jotting down notes on “best organic lubes” in his notebook

Image credits: newfrancisco

#79 So This Just Happened On The Train

Image credits: b34tgirl

#80 The Seat Pocket In The Plane Was Clearly The Best Place To Spit Sunflower Seeds

Image credits: _-World-_

#81 If You Leave The Train Table Like This When You Get Off, I Hate You

Image credits: yoru

#82 I’m Going Back Home From A Notorious Hiking Town And This Is Where The Person Behind Me Decided To Put Her Feet. We’re On A 3-Hour Bus Ride

Image credits: An_Outer_World_Otter

#83 People Who Stick Gum In Charging Ports On Public Transport

Image credits: BebopRehab

#84 My View For Most Of My 3-Hour Flight

Image credits: dashb0y

#85 Trashy Dad And Daughter On My Flight Today. Flight Attendants Said Nothing

Image credits: 13aes

#86 Worse Than Smelly Feet? On My 9-Hour Flight This Morning

Image credits: blokkiesam

#87 Woman Drinks Beer On Public Bus, Then Crumples It And Tosses It Under The Seat

Image credits: Saturday_Repossesser

#88 This Woman Cutting Her Hair On The Bus

Image credits: offthewagons

#89 Here’s What An Entitled Duchebag On A Crowded Metro North Commuter Train To New York Looks Like

Image credits: protegehype

#90 This Is Going To Be A Long Flight. This Man In The Seat Across From Me Has Taken Off His Pants For The Flight. He Is Just In His Boxers. Flight Attendants Seemed Unconcerned

Image credits: Lizzie_Thompson

#91 This Douche On My Flight

Image credits: _scenario_7

#92 This Woman In A Darkened Cabin Of Our Plane At 5:45 In The Morning, Leaving Only Her Light On So She Can Watch A Video On Her iPad

Image credits: Rinteln

#93 Can You Bring Scissors On A Plane?

Image credits: spacedmountain

#94 This Man On My Flight

Image credits: bpoag

#95 People Doing This On Train

Image credits: always-alien

#96 Guy Decides It’s Fine To Air Out His Stinky Feet Across Three Seats On A Packed Train

Image credits: LieutenantChonkster

#97 This Jerk Taking Up 6 Seats On The Train At 7AM, While Others Don’t Have Anywhere To Sit

Image credits: ElectricalLongboard

#98 That No One Can Sit Next To You In A Full Bus

Image credits: uNICORN117013

#99 People Who Hang Their Hair Over Your Lap On Long Bus Rides

Image credits: Ejsuuu

#100 This Ryanair Passenger

Image credits: paulgrimes1

#101 First Class Seat, No Class Passenger

Image credits: DelgadoTheRaat

#102 This Guy Using His Phone’s Light To Play Crossword Puzzles During The Majority Of My 5-Hour Flight Home

Image credits: knightofsparta

#103 Always The Hair

Image credits: danteramos

#104 I Don’t Get Why People Won’t Wear Masks, They’re So Useful

Image credits: serendipitaet

#105 Romance Is Alive

Image credits: Ooory

#106 This Is The Only One Socket In This Train And She Doesn’t Even Charge The Phone

Image credits: xXur_motherXx

#107 This Woman Turned On Her Overhead Light To See Her iPad Better And Shined It Directly At Me For The Remainder Of The Flight

Image credits: sugarcoatedlie

#108 Bringing Your “Service Animal” Duck In The Train So You Can Sit On The Disabled Seating

Image credits: ThePortlandStrangler

#109 On My Flight Yesterday, A Woman Put Food On Her Computer’s Keyboard

Image credits: CE444

#110 My Seat-Mates For An 11-Hour Flight. We Are Still On The Runway

Image credits: UnderCoverSquid


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