“These Youngins Are So Soft Nowadays”: 38 Entitled People Who Are So Wrong It Hurts

Our shortcomings don’t define us. It’s how we react to them that shapes us both in our own and other people’s eyes. However, as we can see from the subreddit ‘Mildly Infuriating’, not everyone is willing or capable of understanding that.

As you might remember from our earlier publications such as this one, this online community with 4.4 million members has plenty of content to send your blood into a simmer in a matter of seconds, but there’s a special category of it that we at Bored Panda think deserves an article of its own—folks who don’t accept they’re in the wrong.

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Whether it’s someone trying to scam another person off a few bucks or just embracing their fragile ego, continue scrolling to check out the characters who earned themselves the label of ‘mildly infuriating’.

#1 How Not To Sell A Car…

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#2 Kanye West At The Bape Store, 2005. He Tried All The Shoes And Didn’t Buy Any

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To learn more about how to stay off such lists and what to do in order to stay grounded, we contacted Dr. Mike Brooks, a licensed psychologist based in Austin, Texas, and the author of ‘Tech Generation: Raising Balanced Kids in a Hyper-Connected World.’

“A purpose in life is to learn, grow, and improve. We cannot do this unless we first recognize and admit our mistakes,” Dr. Brooks told Bored Panda. “We must remind ourselves that to ‘err is human,’ and we are fulfilling a purpose in life every time we admit our mistakes. Thus, from this perspective, mistakes are opportunities for growth that allow us to fulfill life’s purpose. Moreover, a natural byproduct of growth and improvement is greater levels of happiness.”

#3 Trying To Meet People… Sucks

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#4 Outside A Movie Theater In Oklahoma

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#5 I Guess The 5% Wasn’t Enough

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Dr. Brooks said that refusing to recognize and admit our mistakes when we are wrong hinders our growth and drowns us in disharmony. “This also increases the chances that we, and others, will suffer because when we don’t learn from our mistakes, we are more likely to repeat them.”

“When we don’t admit when we are wrong, we create rifts in our relationships, which are the very source of our own happiness. In essence, we shoot ourselves in the foot,” the psychologist explained.

“When it comes to relationships, in particular, it is better to be effective than to be right.”

#6 My Landlord Entered My Apartment Without Notice (Illegal) To Tell Me To Clean My Lint Trap

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#7 How Not To Purchase A Computer From Someone…

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#8 Hotel Keeps My Deposit Because I Left A Poor Review On Booking.com

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#9 It’s Puddin’ Time?

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Some people, however, seem completely incapable of admitting their mistakes. For example, Dr. Brooks highlighted that wars have taken millions of lives, yet those in power still haven’t admitted they could’ve changed course and prevented it.

“People have trouble admitting they are wrong for many reasons but one of the main has to do with ego and attachment. When we attach our sense of self to a mental position and take the stance, ‘I am right’, it becomes part of our identity, part of our ego.”

“‘I am right’ is almost like saying, ‘I am Mike’ or whatever your name is. Now, my ego, or sense of self, has become attached to a mental position. A primitive ‘fight/flight/freeze’ survival mechanism kicks in to defend my ‘rightness’ as if I were defending my very life. It’s like a little part of me will die if I were to admit that I am wrong,” the psychologist saod.

#10 Office Rule

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#11 Cheeseburger Minus The Cheese= Cheeseburger?

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#12 People Who Think My Career Is A ‘Hobby’

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#13 4 Spots In A Home Depot

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“[If that turns out to be the case, I] feel like I am diminished, in a way, and you, the person in the ‘right,’ are now superior to me. This is really hard for my ego to take, so I defend myself [and] my ‘rightness,’ at all costs. Even when this causes great suffering,” Dr. Brooks continued.

“The suffering of me admitting that I am wrong is worse than the consequences that come from not admitting that I am wrong, at least in my head. This perspective, which is inspired by Buddhist psychology, is an example of why various attachments are often at the root of suffering.”

#14 Email I Received From A Parent After Her Son Did Not Complete Two Assignments In The Apush Civil War Unit

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#15 I Guess No Entertainment For My Wife On This Flight…

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#16 I More Find This Funny, But The Reviews Are Riddled With People Saying The Staff Are Rude And Dosnet Do There Job, While The Owners Account Makes Sparky Remarks Back Lol

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#17 I F*cking Hate Group Projects

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Interestingly, self-awareness also allows us to make better decisions. In one study, students who scored higher on “metacognitive awareness” (the ability to reflect on personal thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs) made more effective decisions when it came to playing a computer game in which they had to diagnose and treat virtual patients. The authors of the research argued that this was because they could set more well-defined goals and make strategic actions.

#18 Our Delivery Man Bit The Bag, Took A Small Bite, And Took Off

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#19 Why Do These Type Of Landlords Exist?

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#20 Grandma Approving Of Grandson’s Artistic Skills

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#21 A Business In Maine Had This In Their Window This Sunday

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“This often crazy, hyper-connected world is moving at a breakneck pace. Our technological evolution is zooming past our biological evolution, [and] we can’t adapt fast enough to the changes taking place,” Dr. Brooks said.

“In the hustle and bustle of this world, we need to work hard to carve out time to unplug, slow down, and connect more with life and the world around us. We need to place some reasonable limits and boundaries around our technology use in particular and find some quiet times that allow for self-reflection.”

#22 Was Seeing Him For Almost 2-Months Before I Found Out. Sent Him This Message Before Telling His Fiancé Everything

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#23 This Woman Was Like This For Hours Making People Step Over Her. Until A Flight Attendant Finally Made Her Move

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#24 It’s Already Hard To Find A Spot Without A Douchbag Taking Two

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#25 Employer Denied Me One Recurring Day Off Per Week That Coincides With My Girlfriend’s One Recurring Day Off

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According to the psychologist, we should “reflect on what has helped us in the past to recharge our batteries and feel more centered.”

“We must carve out time for what has helped us in the past on a daily basis. We cannot wait for this self-care time to suddenly appear in our busy schedules. Connecting more with nature is one of the best ways to create space for self-reflection. When we quiet our minds and connect with something greater than ourselves, this can, ironically, provide the space within to find ourselves,” Dr. Brooks said.

#26 Guy Who Says $1.1m/Yr Isn’t A Lot Of Money Complaining That He Can’t Pay People $12/Hr Anymore

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#27 Been In The Hospital A Week With My So And I’m Finally Getting Out Today And My Mother Posted A Screenshot Of My Blood Work Lab From This Morning On Facebook Because She Doesn’t Think I Should Be Discharged Yet

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#28 Then Why Did You Accept Their Facebook Friend Request In The First Place?

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#29 I Offered To Take Head And Body Shots Of Her For Free To Send Into A Modelling Agency. I Didn’t Want To Drive All The Way To Her Place Or Pay For Parking…

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The unexamined life is not worth living, said the Greek philosopher Socrates, reflecting on the expression “Know thyself” – an aphorism inscribed on the temple of Apollo at Delphi, one of the ultimate achievements in ancient Greece.

#30 Wtf? Idk Why This Pisses Me Off So Much

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#31 I Took A Family Member To The Icu For Substance-Related, Life-Threatening Issues. After Getting Additional Information From Me About That Family Member, The (Male) Nurse Got My Number As An Emergency Contact And Has Been Blowing Up My Phone All Day

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#32 A Pm I Got From Someone Just Because I Shared My Perspective/ Didn’t Agree With Them. Condescending People Really Irk Me

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#33 No Correlation Between Ice Cream And This

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#34 Travelers Wants Contractors To Use Unskilled Labor…

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#35 Saw This Posted And Noticed A Glaring Contradiction

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#36 What Is The Tipping Etiquette Anymore?!

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#37 When My Neighbor In The Building Accused Me Of Lying…

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#38 An Adult Sexualizing A 16 Year Old Character. Why. I Hate Cosplayers Now, They Think This Is Okay And Especially In Public???

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