“They Begged Her To Move Her Car”: Grandma Gets The Perfect Revenge On Couple After They Steal Her Deeded Parking Spot

If you’ve ever lived in a city where a car is a necessity, you’ll understand the value of having a parking spot waiting for you. I will never forget the painfully long nights of driving around for an hour desperately searching for a free spot when I had first moved to Los Angeles and was subletting in an area where all of the spaces seemed to mysteriously vanish after 8pm. Owning a specific parking spot that has your name on it is certainly a luxury that’s sadly not available to us all. But the only thing worse than searching for a spot for hours on end while your sanity deteriorates is disrespecting the unspoken covenant of the parking lot by stealing someone else’s space.

Below, you’ll find a story that was recently shared on the Petty Revenge subreddit where one elderly woman made sure that a couple would not get away with snagging her spot anymore. Enjoy hearing how this pair got what was coming to them, and feel free to share your thoughts on the sweet revenge in the comments section below. Then if you’re interested in reading another Bored Panda article featuring revenge after parking spaces were stolen, we recommend checking out this story next!  

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After a couple felt entitled to stealing her parking spot, this elderly woman perfectly executed petty revenge

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Each building handles the parking situation, or lack thereof, differently. There might be a lot that’s “first come, first serve” for all residents, there may be parking spots assigned to individuals who pay a certain amount, or there could be deeded parking, like we have in this story. Deeded parking is unique in the way that each spot is assigned to a unit, not a person. This couple could not simply pay $50 a month to use the spot, for example, in the way that many buildings allow their residents access to assigned spots.

According to OnlineEd, “A deeded parking space is primarily under the control of the unit owner, while an assigned parking space is under control of the homeowners’ association. If parking is assigned, this means it is assigned by the homeowners’ association. A homeowners’ association serves the needs of all unit owners, not just one owner. Thus, the association controls the parking space, and can change or sometimes eliminate the space, possibly without the consent of the unit owner. However, if the parking space is deeded, changing the space or eliminating it is extremely difficult.” Deeded spots are sacred, and this woman had every right to defend her territory. 

Yet despite how clear many buildings are about the rules and regulations associated with parking spaces, it is still common for disputes over parking to arise. These issues should not fall on the residents to resolve, however. A landlord, or whoever manages the building, should be responsible for enforcing parking rules, fining tenants who park illegally and mediating conflicts that are not black and white. While this elderly woman’s petty revenge makes for a great story, defending her parking spot is not something she should have had to deal with.

Nexus Property Management notes that there are two ways landlords can handle parking disputes: by being proactive or reactive. It’s always preferable to prevent a conflict rather than work to resolve one, so they recommend taking some precautions to remind tenants where they’re allowed to park. Reserved parking signs, signs threatening towing or fines, and clearly displaying information about the rules of the parking lot to ensure residents don’t claim ignorance. When a conflict has already escalated, however, it will be necessary to take a reactive approach. 

Nexus Property Management recommends using a script initially to communicate a message properly to residents. If it seems appropriate, one can also recommend that residents find common ground and resolve issues on their own. “People need to be empowered to deal with things that arise themselves, and tenants are no different,” NPM explains. “Because they are renting they may be more apt to just pass things off to you, but if you allow this then the pattern will continue for as long as those tenants are with you.  Conversely, if you teach your tenants to address issues themselves, they will adopt that approach and your job as owner will be that much easier.  Much like a student takes cues from a teacher or an employee takes cues from his boss, your tenants are looking to you to set the tone for how things will be handled in your building.”   

While it should not have become her job to punish tenants who could not seem to follow the rules, this elderly woman certainly taught them a lesson they won’t forget. We would love to hear your thoughts on this story in the comments below, and if you’ve ever had to deal with neighbors who constantly stole your parking space, feel free to share those stories as well. Then if you’re interested in reading another Bored Panda article featuring parking disputes that ended in petty revenge, check out this story next!  

Readers applauded the elderly woman for her beautiful act of revenge and called out the building for failing to tow the couple’s car

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