They Now Make USB-C Charging Cables with Built-In Wattage Meters

These USB-C charging cables, from a company you’ve never heard of, feature a built-in wattage meter that tells you how fast your devices are charging. 6.6 feet long, the cables are braided and supposedly durable.

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Sean Hollister over at The Verge rolled the dice and bought one, stating it feels “surprisingly high-quality” and checked them for accuracy, giving them the thumbs-up. He did have some caveats, which you can read at the review.

I think they look cool and am amazed that they exist—but I can’t think of a single reason why I’d want to see how fast something was charging. If anything, I wish the cable could tell me how much time my device had left before it becomes, like most tech devices will these days, obsolete and unusable.

Source: core77

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