“Things Designed By People Who Don’t Have To Clean Them”: 75 Of Their Best Pics

To most of us, cleaning is a chore. Something we do just because we have to. So we try to optimize the process as much as possible. Get it done in the fastest way possible, with the least amount of energy required.

However, some people probably haven’t picked up a vacuum cleaner or a dust wand in their entire life.

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There’s a private Facebook group with a pretty self-explanatory title, called “Things designed by people who don’t have to clean them“, and it has over 39,000 members, all sharing pictures of objects that absolutely terrify Monica Geller and Adrian Monk. From an amethyst sink to a dollhouse PC case, continue scrolling and check them out for yourself.

#1 Amethyst Sink

Image credits: Alex Oboikovitz

#2 Radiator With A Bread Warmer

Image credits: Mary Quigg

#3 All Hail The Glow Cloud

Image credits: Ashley Westover

#4 *shudder*

Image credits: Maz Penney-Charlton

#5 Thanks I Hate It

Image credits: Shawn Tucker

#6 Cute But…

Image credits: Markéta Čonka

#7 All Those Tiny Eyes

Image credits: Georgia Neave

#8 And It’s Not Even Cute

Image credits: Megan Moncada

#9 Stair Handle

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: Danielle Bodza

#10 Y I K E S

Image credits: Katherine A. Weston

#11 Cutlery Set

Image credits: Laura Jensen

#12 A Gift For The Coffee Lover You Also Hate

Image credits: Caitlin Nicole

#13 Found In My Local Marketplace

Image credits: Amber Diffey

#14 These Wine Bottles/ Decanters/ Glasses Look Really Cool, But Cleaning Them? Hell No! I’d Probably Used Them Once And Then Threw Them Into A Fireplace Or Something

Image credits: Milla Marguerite

#15 That Is The Car Of Someone Who Has Given Up, That Thing Does Not Get Cleaned

Image credits: Sebastián S. Aguilar

#16 I Love The Idea Of A Volcano Egg Cup As Much As The Next One, But You Will *never* Get All The Gross Crusty Egg Yolk Out Of All Those Crevices

Image credits: Caryn Lopez

#17 I Would Have A Very Bad Time Checking If My Nails Are Clean Or Not

Image credits: Hazel Sandi Fernández

#18 Erm…

Image credits: Heather Nicole

#19 Cursed

Image credits: Maria Júlia

#20 I Hope They Took The Keys Out

Image credits: Lenore Battle

#21 Broken Ankle Bathtubs, Fantastic

Image credits: Lauren Churchill

#22 My New 1.5l Snorlax Mug That I Got From Zing. Didn’t Realise It’s Mouth Was A Big Hole

Image credits: Cloey Van Duin

#23 This Will Be A Normal Solution To Disposable Razors

Image credits: beackupburner

#24 No Photos Posted Of The Inside, But I Imagine This Would Be A Nightmare To Clean Out

Image credits: Christine Oddisea

#25 This Bathroom

Image credits: Méliane Marcus Nichols

#26 Those Poor Books!

Image credits: Manuela Betti

#27 It’s All Beaded

Image credits: Roxy TheRockit Belle

#28 This. It’s Dusty, The Dust Sticks To It, And I Can’t Wash It Because It’s Solid Bronze. I Hate It

Image credits: Desiree Mercedes Torkel-Finchfield

#29 1970s Was Such A Cursed Period For Interior Decorating

Image credits: Eamon Ryan

#30 This Awesome Cat Teapot My Sister Gave Me

Image credits: Caroline Westmeyer

#31 Mud, Poop Dog, Dirt, Sand…

Image credits: Sarah Azevedo

#32 They’re Gorgeous And I Want One, But They Must Be Such Dust Catcher

Image credits: Kerri Kortness

#33 Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

Image credits: Mateo Euan

#34 This Pot

Image credits: Ruan Carlo Schneider

#35 Sink At Local Restaurant. Very Pretty But Probably Hard To Clean

Image credits: Amy Kaminski

#36 Fuzzy Crocs

Image credits: Beata Jesusa Bautista

#37 Dust

Image credits: Marie Chenier

#38 Stunning Fireplace

Image credits: Lulu Titi Johnson

#39 This Window. Bonus Cobweb Magnet Lightpiece

Image credits: Jota R. Monteiro

#40 Dollhouse Fishtank

Please don’t treat your fish like toys! Goldfish need a 500l tank, and need a group of atleast 6 goldfish. They are intelligent and beautiful animals

#41 I Got One Of These For My Daughter. The Hot Liquid Needs To Go Through The Hole Into The Space Between The Outer And Inner Walls Of The Mug. I Have Tiny Bendy Brushes And It’s Still A Nightmare

Image credits: Pascale Nyby

#42 The Opposite Of Mini

Image credits: Jazmyn Ross

#43 Those Crevices In The… Whatever That Is

Image credits: Tooru Oikawa

#44 This Is A Mini Cast Iron Pan My Roommate Got As A Gift And He Was Complaining The Entire Time While Attempting To Clean It (And Rightfully So)

Image credits: Soomin Song

#45 This Would Be A Pain In The Butt To Clean, But 11/10 Would Buy Anyway

Image credits: Susan Day

#46 How Do They Expect This To Be Cleaned? Hot Water And Shaking?

Image credits: Nicholas Cable

#47 Found In My Local Marketplace

Image credits: Jo Picconatto

#48 Spotted On Instagram.. But Like That’s Just Going To Get Disgusting

Image credits: Lauren Smith

#49 Fluffy Guitar

Image credits: Mateus Vieira

#50 Serving Tray

Image credits: Christine Oddisea

#51 Dollhouse PC

Image credits: Manuela Betti

#52 This Armchair

Image credits: Poncho

#53 Oh My

Image credits: Amanda Jane

#54 How Dirty Do You Doorknobs Get?

Image credits: Dani Mueller

#55 Stunning!

Image credits: Spencer Sun

#56 My Workmate’s New iPhone Case. Looks Cute Though

Image credits: Gem Leonard

#57 This Is What Happened In Jumanji

Image credits: Carol Tavares

#58 The Only Thing I Can Think Of Is Why??? Why Would You Do This To Human Race????

Image credits: Max GT

#59 These Bastards. I’m Never Buying A Crystal Again

Image credits: Fiona Shelly

#60 Broom Broom Broom Broom I Want You In My Room

Image credits: Markus Winter

#61 It Reminds Me Of Those Cozy Blankets That’s Are Really Soft At First But The More You Use It And Wash It The Material Just Gets Super Matted And Gross Looking And It’s White ??

Image credits: Ali Sandoval

#62 I Want Them But I Don’t Want To Clean Them

Image credits: Ibu Smith

#63 So Now Amazon’s Advertising This To Me

Image credits: Gareth Roberts

#64 Finally Found Something Worthy Of This Group?? I Get The Ergonomic Stand And Point But It’s A Waste Of Coffee Space And Imagine Cleaning It Every Day?!

Image credits: Madi Son

#65 I Mean, Super Cute. But Still… (I Would Buy This For My Girlfriend Anyways Hahahahahahaha)

Image credits: Peco Caballero

#66 That Would Take One Hell Of A Unique Magnet Scrubber

Image credits: August Blue Kester

#67 After The First Muddy Boot, Then What

Image credits: Chelsey Perriman

#68 The Glitter Texture

Image credits: Sarah Azevedo

#69 Was At Voodoo Doughnuts And Was Thinking About Buying A Mug, And Then I Thought Of This Group And How The Hell Would I Clean It Properly?! Maybe It’s Just For Decor

Image credits: Hailee Nava-Limberhand

#70 Super Cute, But, Knowing Myself, That Would Become A Bacteria Pool In Short Order!

Image credits: Trina Brown

#71 If You Even Tried Dusting This It’d Rip The Duster And Ur Hand Apart

Image credits: Gabriella Cruzen

#72 O My

Image credits: Sarah Blake

#73 Woodworking

Image credits: Krister Selnes Pedersen

#74 This Celling Is Giving Me Hives

Image credits: Ellen Settlemoir

#75 Just… Why??

Image credits: Jessica Doran

Source: boredpanda.com

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