#ThingsThatIHear: cringe-worthy conversations drawn into hilarious illustrations

Avner Geller is an artist at Dreamworks Animation who draws the funniest illustrations depicting wild, random conversations in his spare time. He has since turned it into a following with the hashtag #ThingsThatIHear on Instagram.

Most of his illustrations are bits and pieces of discussions and gossips he has overheard, which makes them more uncomfortably relatable. “The conversations reveal moments of public intimacy, hilarious contradictions, and the discomforts of luxury—shining a light on just how ridiculous human existence can be in our modern life.” Geller says.

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They might make you laugh. They might make you cry. But one thing is for sure: Geller’s works will definitely leave you thinking about all the painfully cringe-worthy moments of your life.


Source: designfaves.com

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