Think You Are Sitting Still? Think Again!

Warning: this video may mess with your cognitive sense of balance. You might think you know where you are, yet defining “place” is more complicated than it seems. You can say the same about the terms “movement” and “direction.” The “place” where you are is not absolute; it’s all relative. You know that in your head, but Kurzgesagt is going to blow your mind with the many ways that you are moving through space that cannot be measured in any way but relative to something else. The further out you go, the more you are moving, even if you can’t feel it. Which I guess is a good thing, or we would be permanently dizzy. By the time this video gets close to its conclusion, you feel like we all might be just on dot on some interstellar giant’s wallpaper. Cosmic. The last minute of this video is an ad.  

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Source: neatorama

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