Think Amazon Warehouses are Bad? Check Out This Package Center in Shenzhen During a Shopping Holiday

The biggest shopping day in the world is not Black Friday, nor even Cyber Monday. The distinction belongs to Singles Day, a/k/a 11.11 (November 11th) in China, essentially a twist on Valentine’s Day when Chinese retailers hold sales to goad lonely bachelors and bachelorettes into buying themselves something nice. This year’s Singles Day actually lasted nearly two weeks, from November 1st thru 11th, and netted gross sales of $74.1 billion, according to Alibaba.

So how does $74.1 billion worth of packages all get where they’re going? This TikTok footage was purportedly shot inside a package sorting facility in Shenzhen, China, during this year’s Singles Day, and it has to be seen to be believed:

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It looks like UPS meets The Matrix. Also, props to the shirtless mountain climber; I suspect he was actually buck naked but was persuaded to put his pants on for this video.

Source: core77

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