Thirty-Two Days In Shark-Infested Waters

Ensio Tiira really didn’t want to be part of the French Foreign Legion anymore. In 1953, the 24-year-old Finnish recruit found himself on a ship headed to French Indochina to fight the communists. Tiira and Swedish fellow Legionnaire Fred Ericsson planned to escape before the ship reached its destination. When they calculated they were near the shore of Sumatra, they threw a life raft overboard and leapt after it in the dark of night.

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But no matter how much they paddled, they did not find land. And they were surrounded by sharks. They ran out of fresh water and food on their second day adrift. It was two weeks before any rain brought fresh drinking water, but it was too late for Ericsson. Tiira held on for twice that long before he was found. Read about Ensio Tiira’s ordeal at sea and how he was rescued at Singular Discoveries. -via Strange Company

Source: neatorama

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