This 147-Year Old Ship Is Powered by Llama Poop

In 1861, the Peruvian government undertook a daunting task: to build two warships on Lake Titicaca–the highest navigable lake in the world. The lake formed part of Peruvian-Bolivian border and Peru wanted to be prepared for any future hostilities.

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Peru contracted two British shipbuilders for this purpose. There were no modern roads leading up to the lake. So the builders brought the ships’ components by mule 225 miles through a desert up to the lake for assembly. No piece could weigh more than 392 pounds–the maximum weight a mule could carry.

The shipbuilders completed the Yavari in 1870 and the Yapura in 1872. The Yavari is now a museum ship. But the Yapura, which is pictured above, is still in service. For a long period of time, its engine was powered by llama poop, although I have been unable to determine if it still is.

-via Amusing Planet | Photo: Peruvian Navy

Source: neatorama

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