This 1975 McDonald's Character Specification Manual Belongs in the Early D&D Era

Boing Boing describes this manual as something from “the handbook for a horror RPG”, but I’m seeing similarities with the Monster Manual series from Dungeons & Dragons. I think that it’s actually a fairly complete monster encounter manual for McDonaldland if only someone added stats and powers.

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Browse through the 78-page document on the Internet Archive. It includes characters that have been slain, the French Fry Thatch (pp. 66-68), which has colors very inappropriate for fries, and CosMc the alien (pp. 76-78).

Visit your local McDonald’s to mourn their loss. It’s unlikely that you’ll see Ronald McDonald himself. But if you do, keep out of his way, as urged on p.3:

Ronald resides in McDonaldland but is equally at home anywhere he goes. The other characters in McDonaldland look up to him, respect him, and are fond of him. Ronald is intelligent and sensitive, but always clown-like. He can do nearly anything, even incredible feats of magic. The antics of the other McDonaldland characters serve to complement Ronald’s humor. They do not upstage him.

Ronald McDonald is the star.

You have been warned.

Source: neatorama

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