This 2-In-1 Coffee Grinder Will Let You Grind Your Beans Automatically Or By Hand

Well, at least you get both options, right? With  GOAT STORY’s ARCO, convenience is now at your kitchen counter- and not only that, the 2-in-1 coffee grinder also looks aesthetically pleasing as well! The ARCO allows users to grind their precious coffee beans either automatically or by hand, as Hypebae details: 

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 Arriving in a sleek, minimal design, ARCO maintains the quality of the coffee with aluminum casing. With a total of 120 settings, it produces different types of grinds for all kinds of drinks ranging from espresso and ibrik, to French press and cold brew.

Take a closer look at how ARCO works in the video down below. You can head over to Kickstarter to back the campaign and get your hands on the machine with pre-order prices starting at $299 USD.

Image via Hypebae 

Source: neatorama

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