This 34-Year-Old Orangutan Who Learned To Wash Her Hands Is Setting An Example For All Of Us

While most of us already know it, some things are worth mentioning over and over again — washing your hands can help prevent getting and passing the coronavirus. There’s no need to get a hand sanitizer unless you are unable to wash your hands with soap. All you have to do is thoroughly scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds and you’ll be good to go. In case you need a better demonstration of how it’s done Center For Great Apes has a great video to inspire you to take care of your personal hygiene.

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Recently, the good orangutan named Sandra went viral for demonstrating her impeccable hand-washing skills

Image credits: CenterForGreatApes

Recently, a video showing an orangutan named Sandra went viral. What fascinated people about the video the most is that Sandra had learned to wash her hands and seems to be quite enjoying doing it.

Image credits: CenterForGreatApes

The 34-year-old primate was captured scrubbing fronts and backs of her hands in soapy water. “She definitely scrubbed her hands for longer than 20 seconds, good job Sandra!” the orangutan sanctuary captioned the video.

Image credits: CenterForGreatApes

Later she even started to clean her surroundings and eventually decided she had enough of chores for that day.

Image credits: CenterForGreatApes

People began praised her for setting an example for all of us, who are still struggling to remember to wash our hands.

Image credits: CenterForGreatApes

Sandra, the orangutan with excellent personal hygiene, was born Rostock Zoologischer Garten in Germany. She spent most of her time in Buenos Aires where she was forced to live alone, without no other orangutans keeping her company. Luckily Sandra was granted legal personhood by a judge in Argentina thus entitling her to better living conditions. In November 2019, she arrived at the Center for Great Apes, where she now lives with 22 other orangutans. In January, Sandra has celebrated her 34 birthday and had a lovely birthday party thrown by her new caretakers.

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