This Ancient Solar Storm Left Experts Concerned For The Next One

Hopefully, the next solar storm will be way, way far into the future! 

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Solar storms are celestial phenomenons that occur when the magnetic fields on the sun get tangled up and snap back into place. These storms are a result of the magnetic reconnection in the sun’s corona. The storms can release magnetic fields known as coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that flow through space on solar winds. 

A solar storm that reached our planet 9,200 years ago has left experts concerned for the next one, if it ever happens. When the previous storm passed by our planet, it left permanent scars on the ice buried deep below Greenland andAntarctica. In addition, it would have crippled modern communications systems if it had hitEarth today. Read more about the phenomenon here. 

Image credit: NASA

Source: neatorama

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