This Artist Cuts through Time with His Brushstrokes

David Ambarzumjan, an artist in Germany, will paint a detailed landscape, then brush across the middle of it. On that brushstroke, he paints a glimpse of that same scene from the past or the future. A city thus becomes a wilderness, or vice versa.

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In an interview with My Modern Met last year, Ambarzumjan explained that he hopes that his paintings give his audience a grand view of history:

With these paintings, I want to emphasize how big, diverse, and beautiful our planet is. There is so much life and history inside every brushstroke but there is also so much to lose if we are not careful. The past has proven that we are capable of transforming any canvas that is given to us. I just hope that we paint ourselves a better future for our planet.

-via So Super Awesome

Source: neatorama

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