This Bio-Artist Made Thrush Look Good in a Petri Dish

Thrush is something that most of us hate, but this bio-artist made thrush look good in a petri dish, and for good reasons.

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Tarsh Bates has created a living piece of ‘bio-art’ by putting thrush on agar and feeding it with her own blood, controlling its growth pattern using a stencil-like template.

And her reason? She believes thrush and other microbes alike are misunderstood.

Officially known as Candida albicans — this yeast has a reputation for causing painful infections, especially in women.

But it is not our enemy, says Dr Bates, who has a background in biotechnology and contemporary art.

Candida only causes problems when it grows uncontrollably, for example if our immune system is suppressed. Otherwise, it is a common member of the human microbiome, which plays a role in keeping us healthy.

Tarsh Bates wants people to be acquainted with the microbiome inside us; that is, change our attitude towards the microbes inside us and know their importance in our bodies.

Image Credit: Steven Alyian/Tarsh Bates

Source: neatorama

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