This Boat Paddle Is Also a Bilge Pump


Core 77 introduces us to the simple but ingenious Paddle Pump. It’s a paddle that has a built-in pump so that maneuver your canoe while bailing out the water. Or, in the case of the above video, extract water from the leaky pontoons of a seaplane. New Atlas talked to the inventors about the origin of the idea:

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“The inspiration was actually born from seaplanes,” says John Hartz, who co-created the Paddle Pump along with its main inventor, Dan Dufault. “Seaplane floats are typically made of riveted aluminum and over time will leak, so part of the pre-flight is to pump out each float compartment. Paddles are also necessary equipment, because you can’t motor all the way into the dock and there is no reverse. So this idea was an easy blend of both of those needs.”

Source: neatorama

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