This Boy Surprises Aunt With A Painting Of Her That Got Him In The Finals Of A Competition


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Meet Lenny McNaughton, an 8-year-old that took inspiration from his favorite Aunt Steph. He entered an art contest with an abstract portrait of her at the prestigious Archibald Prize show. His painting, while not winning the grand prize, did end up being a finalist in the Young Archie competition.

But it was the moment when Lenny decided to show his aunt the artwork that really stole the show, so to speak. He started by giving her a tour of the exhibit without mentioning his painting. A video posted on his Instagram showed his aunt’s surprise and exclamation at seeing an artwork that looks like her. Upon reading the description, you can see her shock and how she embraced him after seeing his work. 

“Auntie Steph is a very favorite person because she makes my day brighter,” the description his aunt read. “She makes everything fun. Auntie Steph grows her own sunflowers in her backyard [and] gives them to people to make them happy. She’s a beautiful person inside and out.”

Image credit: Lenny McNaughton/Instagram

Source: neatorama

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