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This Business Is Fed Up Of ‘Face Mask Skeptics’, Puts Up A Candid Poster And It Goes Viral

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that it was disrespectful to refuse to wear a mask in public, stating that “you can literally kill someone because you did not want to wear a mask. How cruel and irresponsible would that be?” But the opinions are still divided, and many refuse to wear one, claiming it’s unconstitutional.

Not everyone is buying it. This poster was put up outside the entrance to an unidentified business that blew up on the internet. People couldn’t stop praising the mic drop-like text, which explained loud and clear why you should be ready to take consequences for not wearing a mask. Hint: no drink, no snack, no fun, see you at home.

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So let’s take a look at the viral poster down below that shows you that dealing with anti-maskers doesn’t take a whole lot, just some common sense.

People are praising this post from an unidentified business for taking a stance on the whole anti-mask controversy

Image credits: Kriskinjo04

Even though some believe that wearing a mask in public goes against the constitution and individual freedom, public health officials urge everyone to wear one. The issue of wearing face masks came to the center of attention on May 1st when a security guard was shot dead in Michigan during an argument with a customer who refused to wear one.

Meanwhile, people with certain disabilities are exempt from wearing masks altogether. According to Doron Dorfmann, a Syracuse University law professor who specializes in disability law, there may be legitimate disabilities that would prevent someone from wearing a mask. “Someone with autism who has sensory issues, for example, or someone with a respiratory problem for which a mask would make breathing difficult,” he told Syracuse.

This is what people had to comment

Having said that, he added that under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, business managers should be cautious about anyone who claims to have a disability, but they can’t ask what kind of disability it is.

Under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, he said, store managers must be cautious in questioning anyone who says they have a disability. The manager, for example, can’t ask what the disability is. Two questions that are okay to ask are as follows: “Is (not wearing a mask) an accommodation? What kind of benefit do you get from not wearing a mask?”

Some people who refuse to wear masks are using that to their advantage. Dr. Alan Hawxby, a transplant surgeon at the Oklahoma University Medical Center, recently posted a phenomenon on Twitter showing that anti-maskers are using the Americans with Disabilities Act that protects them from having to disclose the condition.

But Business Insider reports that doctors urge even patients with asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to wear masks in public, but they have to find the right fit and material to make it as comfortable as possible.

Here are some more creative examples businesses used to communicate the message

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