This Cat Sensed Its Owner’s Breast Cancer Before Doctors!

Did you know that animals rely on their sense of smell to detect diseases? Well this is exactly what Kate King Scribbins’ pet kitty, Oggy used to alert her about a cancerous mass inside her left breast. Her cat decided to snuggle more aggressively than usual, and made sure he was close to her left breast. Scribbins believe that this unusual behavior was her cat’s way to alert her of her illness: 

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After months of noticing Oggy’s unusual behavior, Scribbins woke up to “shooting pain,” and after a self-examination, she located a mass in her breast. Soon after her discovery, Scribbins was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer and has been treated with several rounds of chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, and radiation. 

According to the Post, Scribbins says that in retrospect, she believes he was trying to alert her of the disease. “I look back on the changes in his behavior towards me before my breast cancer diagnosis, and I truly believe he was trying to alert me to the dangers growing in my body.”

With cancer diagnoses, ongoing doctor check-ups mean patients are never fully finished with cancer. But Scribbins tells the newspaper that since completing treatment, Oggy seems to have stopped focusing his attention on her chest.

Image via Unsplash 

Source: neatorama

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