This Combination Side Table/Tray Should be Handy for More Than Snacks

I came across this “Tiny Walk” side table by Ideaco, a design firm that makes those objets d’art you typically see in design museum shops.

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I was about to dismiss it as something a hipster with too much money buys, but the more I look at it, the more I see a potential use for it.

Not for eating or drinking off of; I’d find the handle obtrusive. But I often find myself fixing something outdoors where I’m bringing a couple of tools, some fasteners and a tin can to collect old rusty fasteners, and rather than have these sitting in a toolbox on the ground, I’d much rather have them up at waist level. Both to avoid constantly bending down, and to keep things out of mud or worse. I’d use the handle to move the thing around–say from fencepost to fencepost–and might occasionally remove the tray to clean it off, when working on dirty stuff.

I realize not everyone has a need to fix outdoor farm infrastructure, but I wonder if this wouldn’t also prove handy in suburban or indoor urban applications, when you’re fixing, installing or modifying something and want tools and fasteners up off of the floor.

Source: core77

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