This Community Is Dedicated To Sharing Incredible Crafts And Here Are 151 Of The Best Ones

When I think of crafts, I picture these weird-looking items floating on Etsy like eternal shipwrecks that rise to the surface every time you genuinely need something. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with pursuing your hobby, but it’s a whole different story if you’re trying to make money out of something you wouldn’t buy yourself. Hence, there’s an entire craft-shaming movement that humorously mocks such instances.

But there’s a whole different side to craftsmanship and here we are talking the perfect fusion of idea, execution, skill, and patience. Mix them together and you see pieces of handmade art that put the mass production industry to shame.

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And thanks to the subreddit r/Crafts, we have the most eye-watering collection of crafty objects that prove there’s no limit to human imagination. With a whopping 1.6m contributing to this online community, it’s easy to fall in love with crafts even if you weren’t a big fan of them in the first place.

#1 Lord Of The Rings Messenger Bag I Just Finished!

Image credits: Mrhydez

#2 I Turned Some Unused Circuit-Boards Into A Map

Image credits: ThoroughWhenever

#3 This Octopus Candle Holder That My Sister Hand Made At Her Pottery Shop

Image credits: Ginger_Snaps_Back

#4 I Made A House For My Cat And Im Super Proud Of It. Also My First Time Doing Something Like This, Because Im Just 14

Image credits: RendomBlazen

#5 My First Selfmade Bookshelf‘S Not Perfect But I Love Looking At It

Image credits: Emotional_Cake91

#6 My Quarantine Project: I Painted A Mandala On An Old, Beat-Up Table

Image credits: litha_of_the_summer

#7 Finally Finished This Dress!

Image credits: JodieFosterchild

#8 As I Am Only 100cm Tall, I Sewed Myself A Jacket Out Of A Pillowcase

Image credits:

#9 I Got Into Making Stained Glass During Quarantine – My Favorite Things To Make Are Corners Like This

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Image credits: calypsoglassco

#10 My Wife Presses Flowers Then Creates Pieces Like This. I Love This One

Image credits: DragonBap

#11 My Mom Is A Painter. Here Is One Of Her Latest Pieces!

Image credits: Alpine_Chic

#12 Dresser Ive Been Working On For My Sons Nursery

Image credits: KingStrange24

#13 For Those Who Enjoyed My Fox Paper Sculpture … Here Is His Pal, The Fawn! Hanging Sleepily In The Nursery

Image credits: Hilarykc7

#14 I Needle Felted Ice Bear (Made 100% From Wool)

Image credits: growup_andblowaway

#15 Lost Both Of My Jobs Due To Covid-19, Decided To Try Something New

Image credits: GreenwoodPatterns

#16 I Made Myself A Pair Of Shoes – All By Hand Stitching

Image credits: dimgshoe

#17 I’m Addicted To Making Felted Cats. What Do You Guys Think?

Image credits: Puntikva

#18 Ottomans That I Made With My Wife. She Knit And Upholstered, And I Did The Woodworking

Image credits: VicNickles

#19 Needle Art – I’m Currently Going Through Ivf. This Is What My Husband Made Me Using My Discarded Meds. Got Me Laughing

Image credits: gizmyniz

#20 This Is How We Dye Easter Eggs In Serbia Using Only Natural Ingredients

Image credits: mellimeow

#21 This Is My Favorite Thing I’ve Ever Made Wisteria Mobile In Felt

Image credits:

#22 Extreme Impulse Project – Painted Over My Fireplace Tonight And Now I Need Validation At One Am

Image credits: katierose0324

#23 Finally Done With My Hand Painted “Wallpaper”!

Image credits: mothaoffrenchies

#24 Hand Embroidered Bubbles

Image credits: hvalur87

#25 A Year Or So’s Worth Of Embroidery

Image credits: hvalur87

#26 My Hand-Painted Food Rocks

Image credits: thejuniper

#27 First Paper Sculpture

Image credits: Hilarykc7

#28 I Spent Way Too Long On This.. Addams Family ‘Polly Pocket’ Style Playset

Image credits: ilovesheep123

#29 Some Armor I Made For Fun, Have Some New Designs In A Notebook So Comment If You Want To See It

Image credits: macaroni___addict

#30 I Make Pottery Out Of Dirt That I Dig Up Myself. These Are Made From 9 Different Wild Clays From Around The Brisbane Area

Image credits: moolric

#31 I Made This Dumbledore Art Quilt Using Scraps From My Fabric Stash. 48”x64”

Image credits: exhaustedoctopus

#32 Nearly 9 Months Later And This Monstrosity Is Finished! First Truly Big Crochet Project And I’m Extremely Proud

Image credits: imasassypanda

#33 Trying To Keep My Kids Busy! Painters Tape + Washable Markers. Looks Like Stained Glass!

Image credits: msmysty

#34 I Painted Birch Trees On My Window

Image credits: kahleesky

#35 After Six Months Of Stitching, It’s Finally Done And I’m So Proud

Image credits: hufflepuff-is-best

#36 My Wife Had Dresses Made From My Old Shirts For My Girls To Wear On Fathers Day

Image credits: cmstandridge

#37 A Little Porcelain Snow Leopard With Silver Spots, Made By Me!

Image credits: everyonelse

#38 Made A Wood Resin Comb, Inspired By Patronus

Image credits: emily3289

#39 I’ve Been Working On Some More Of My Little Pebble People

Image credits: mace1974

#40 I Made This Without A Sewing Machine…it Took So Long And My Fingers Hurt But I’m Proud!

Image credits: Lauren_Lbs

#41 Can’t Afford A Backsplash So I Painted One!

Image credits: zorozara

#42 Extremely Happy With My Improvement In Just One Year

Image credits: beingOnlyMe

#43 Made This Dress A While Ago, But It Is Still My Most Ambitious Project To Date!

Image credits: JodieFosterchild

#44 I Am Awful At Keeping Houseplants So I Made A Wire One That I Can’t Kill!

Image credits: whateffferrr

#45 When The Veil Is Torn Away. Life Sized Needle Felted Wool Sculpture Made By Me. Thanks For Looking!

Image credits: Tilting-At_Windmills

#46 Leg Bling In Full View From My Swarovski Post

Image credits: disxabledbeauty

#47 I Made A Beaded Sneklace

Image credits: Yulevna19

#48 My Ribbon Embroidery

Image credits: RibbonPalette

#49 I Started This Before Quarantine And Have Now Spent Over 100 Hours On It, Finally Finished!

Image credits: V_MACD

#50 My New Niece Is Going To Have A Bee Themed Room So I Crocheted Her This Blanket

Image credits: jzloves

#51 Painted This A While Back. Just Some Fishes Swimming In A Forest

Image credits: Cosmotriche

#52 My Ariel. Colored Polymer Clay

Image credits: Elena3332005

#53 My Creation And My Muse

Image credits: TwothFairy

#54 Finished My Sister’s Birthday Present

Image credits: keleah231

#55 I Painted A Whole Bunch Of Rocks During Quarantine!

Image credits: edgewoods

#56 Here’s My Embroidery Inspired By Klimt

Image credits: vidana_art

#57 I Made A Lilac Branch Out Of Cold Porcelain.very Long And Painstaking Work, A Lot Of Small Parts,stamens,but It’s Worth It

Image credits: polymerclay_art

#58 I Crocheted My Baby Boy

Image credits: scaffelpike

#59 My Husband Made This Mountain Shelf As A Gift For A Baby Shower. It’s His First Try At Woodworking And I’m So Proud!

Image credits: storky0613

#60 Día De Los Muertos Rocking Horse. Before And After

Image credits: basicbrujacraft

#61 My Little Robin! What Do You Think, Do You Like It Too?

Image credits: rosaechocolat

#62 Chubby Seals Crafted In Ceramics By My Mom

Image credits: Im_The_Government

#63 I Made A Necklace Of Beads

Image credits: Yulevna19

#64 Thought I’d Share My Fav Recent Watercolor With You Guys

Image credits: juliaockert

#65 Painted My Son’s Fave Animal With A Melted Crayon Background For His Room

Image credits: borrow_a_feeling

#66 I Made A Bunch Of Paper Cranes And Attached Them To A Branch. Hope You Guys Like It!

Image credits: Cunicozy

#67 I Wanted To Be A Jellyfish For Halloween. It Turned Out Better Than I Thought

Image credits: hambakmeritru

#68 Made Another Batch Of Resin Bookmarks. What Do You Guys Think?

Image credits: kaArtihan

#69 DIY Tree Of Life Suncatcher

Image credits: amusingbush

#70 I Followed Along With Bob Ross For The First Time (First Time Using Oils Too)

Image credits: Bumblebee226

#71 I Use Beach Pebbles To Portray Fond Memories. Here’s Me With My Grandad

Image credits: mace1974

#72 2nd Week In Isolation. I Made This Multilayered Marine Turtle

Image credits: mohamad-aaqib

#73 As A Blacksmith, I Normally Work With Steel, But Copper Is So Beautiful. This Is The First And Only Copper Hair Stick I Have Made. I Think It Came Out Pretty Well

Image credits: Rhein_Forged

#74 My Dad And I Made Some Sailormoon Inspired Rings! Let Us Know What You Think

Image credits: Boxhead2424

#75 Not Sure If This Counts, But My Neighbor Took Advantage Of The Freezing Temps And Made These Beautifully Simplistic Ice Sculptures

Image credits: False_Maintenance124

#76 I’m Very Proud Of My Mum. This Is Her Newest Mosaic. “Camilla Of The Desert”

Image credits: paperpicasso

#77 Dahlia I Made From Paper

Image credits: fornaughtytimes

#78 And Here Is The Finished Piece! The Color Change Is Always So Mesmerizing!

Image credits: ForestCeramicCo

#79 80 Hours Crocheting To Make This Parasol! Worth It!

Image credits: Mooncakequeen

#80 Built My Fianceè A House With A Secret Draw To Propose To Her

Image credits: danderson302

#81 My Boyfriend Wanted To See An Insult Version Of Those ‘Why I Love You’ Bottles. Here’s What I Made Him For Christmas

Image credits: hanrar11

#82 Finally Finished Homer Descending Into French Knots!

Image credits: mand_

#83 My Mom Is Am Essential Worker In Mental Healthcare. She Is In Her Latte 60’s And Working Full Time To Help People Stay Positive. She Is Also Working All Evenings To Make Masks For Those That Are Saving Lives In A Different Way. I Am Really Proud Of Her. Please Help Me Show Some Support

Image credits:

#84 My 15 Year Old Granddaughter Decided To Try Watercolors, I Think She’s Off To A Great Start!

Image credits: barbt763

#85 I Recently Started A New Hobby, Polymer Clay. I Made A Whole Lot Of Tiny Plants And Cactuses To Practice ?

Image credits: LostInBlue88

#86 Re-Upholstery Of A Chair Using Used Jeans. Satisfied With Result

Image credits: guyreddit468

#87 I’ve Been Teaching Myself How To Bead During Isolation. My First Finished Piece! An Ode To My Childhood

Image credits: trexglittermonster

#88 I’ve Tried The New Threads…that’s A Result. Newborn Tree

Image credits: muline-tebe

#89 Hi New Here! My Mother Makes Homemade Cards And Just Recently She Entered In Her Card To A Facebook Contest. All The Old Women In The Group Don’t Seem To Like It And She’s Upset Because She Spend A Lot Of Time On This Card. I Want To Prove Her Wrong That People Actually Like Her Card! Thanks!

Image credits: EEickele

#90 These Are Some Ferns From My Garden! If You Dry Them Just After They Unfurl, They Stay Super Bright. They’re Cast In Resin With Sterling Silver

Image credits: B0psicle

#91 My Wife Is Studying To Be A Goldsmith And Made This Silver Pendant

Image credits: CaptainCrabcake

#92 I Painted Another Rock!

Image credits: edgewoods

#93 I Have Been Practicing A More Realistic Embroidery Approach By Making Birds!

Image credits: Eloise_D

#94 My Little Christmas Tree

Image credits: muline-tebe

#95 Told My Boyfriend I Was Painting Flowers. I Was, In Fact, Painting Shrek

Image credits: larahahaha

#96 I Made My Cat A Hoodie Out Of A Throw Blanket. I Can’t

Image credits:

#97 My Handmade Geode Soaps

Image credits: AtticusLamb

#98 Introducing My Latest Handmade Embroidery On Tulle: « Marty Byrde »

Image credits: TheQuilterQueen

#99 I Love Making Notebook Covers Out Of Polymer Clay

Image credits: wildflower_tales

#100 I Finally Gave Embroidery A Try! I’m Really Proud Of My First Project

Image credits:

#101 I Made A “Little Me” Inspired By The Movie Coraline

Image credits: Riellyyy

#102 Glass Octopus My Husband Blows Glass And Makes Some Cool Stuff. This Guy Is One Of My Favorites

Image credits: lampworkbench

#103 My Elderly Nana & Papa Make Trips Up To He Obsidian Mountain Areas And Haul Raw Ugly Rainbow Obsidian. They Spend Days And Days Hand Carving Out These Animals & Pendants. They Take Hours! Nana Says She Doesn’t Think People Like Them. They Don’t Really Use Phone, Can They Still Get Internet Points?

Image credits: mariebeeshi

#104 My Kida From Atlantis. Polymer Clay. Is She A Badass ?

Image credits: Elena3332005

#105 My Quarantine Project! Made My Favourite Childhood Home, Simpsons ‘Polly Pocket’ Style

Image credits: ilovesheep123

#106 I Made Some Hogwarts House Banners For My Best Friends Baby Shower Gift For Her Nursery. First Time Sewing In Twelve Years. Maybe Not The Neatest, But I’m Proud Of How They Turned Out!

Image credits: madmanandabox

#107 My Brother Made The Table And I Painted The Inside. It’ll Be Used As My Sons Craft Table When He’s Older!

Image credits: denaethetorgy

#108 What Do You All Think About This Bear I Made?it Was The First Time I Did Needle Felting And First Time Sewing Anything. I’d Like To Make More Animals Too. He’s Made Completely From Scratch

Image credits: moonbeam277

#109 Harry Potter Snitch Made Of Stained Glass – What Do You Think?

Image credits: SiminasStudio

#110 I Got To Tile A Bit Of Backsplash In Our Kitchen. Tiles Painted By Me, Put On The Wall By My Dad

Image credits: no1298

#111 Yesterday My Little Brother Got Married And, Given The Times, It Wasn’t Your Typical Wedding. So I Made Him An Atypical Accessory: An Embroidered Pocket Beagle. He Loved It!

Image credits: CourageousHufflepuff

#112 I Made A Whale For My Baby Boy.

Image credits: IndigoBuntin

#113 Spent 30+ Hours Crocheting A Rug For My Room!

Image credits: stitchin-away

#114 I Made A Tiny Little Book With Tiny Piece Of Bark I Found

Image credits: amhitchcock

#115 I’ve Finally Finished Crocheting This Blanket For My Russian Language Teacher! I Can’t Wait To Give It To Her!

Image credits: kittenshoes

#116 I Recreated Regina King’s Emmys Dress Out Of A Thrifted Graduation Gown!

Image credits: wifeysfavoritedj

#117 I Made Some Little Polymer Dinosaurs!

Image credits: petit_avocat

#118 I Make Seaglass Art Quilts Using Leftover Fabric Scraps. I Love Showcasing The Last Bits Of Favorite Fabrics

Image credits: exhaustedoctopus

#119 Pine Cone Shingled Roof For A Bird House I’m Working On

Image credits: dudeispepe

#120 I Made Pillows For The Whole Family Out Of My Grandma’s Unfinished Crochet Projects

Image credits: AwkwardIgloo

#121 I Made A Sandworm Candy Chute For Halloween

Image credits: TheGeekstress

#122 My Uncle Pissed Me Off So I Made His 3 Young Sons Rubber Band Shooters For Christmas

Image credits: chuffberry

#123 Stained Glass Piano Box I Made During Pride Month!

Image credits: ConfoOsedBride

#124 Working On Some New Colorful Vase Shapes That Really Speak To Me, What Do You Think?

Image credits: lfisher7466

#125 I Was Going For A Faux Taxidermy Vibe. What Do You Think? Coloured Pencil On Cotton Paper

Image credits: Busty-StClair

#126 I Made A Hoodie!

Image credits: evelynandpeter

#127 A Ceramic Vase I Made To Display My Most Prized Grape

Image credits: kevincantation

#128 Peonies I Made From Paper

Image credits: fornaughtytimes

#129 I Made Myself A Marauder’s Map Mask

Image credits: sass_and_potatoes

#130 I Made My Own Wedding Invitation And Am So Happy With How They Turned Out!

Image credits: averyelicam

#131 Guys, My Boyfriends Mom Is Incredible At Pottery And She Made Me The Most Beautiful Yarn Bowl!

Image credits: jillianjiggs92

#132 A Tolkien-Inspired Embroidery Piece!

Image credits: fatcatfatsack

#133 Many Many Many Hours Later

Image credits: larahahaha

#134 I’m Pretty Proud Of The Head Pieces I’ve Been Making!

Image credits:

#135 Making Wigs Out Of Anything But Hair Is My Thing. Here’s One I Made Out Of Scratch Tickets!

Image credits: dietcokekisses

#136 My Brother-In-Law Is Planning To Propose To His GF And Commissioned My Wife To Paint These Addam’s Family Nesting Dolls In Which To Hide The Ring

Image credits: kula_shakur

#137 My Mom Had A “Flawed” Sculpture She Didn’t Want To Sell. So Instead She Painted It In Two Colors I Chose, Now It’s Mine, And I Love It!

Image credits: Im_The_Government

#138 My Boyfriends Mom Taught Me How To Make Stained Glass Over Christmas! Very Proud Of My First Piece

Image credits: rmolodetz

#139 I Probably Have To Spend My 18th Birthday Alone With My Dad In Quarantine, But I Made Myself Birthday Crown

Image credits: dfa_animation

#140 I Made A Cactus Pin Cushion

Image credits: safeXcamp

#141 Every Year My Family Makes A Whole “Gingerbread” House Village. We Use Grahm Crackers Instead Of Baking Gingerbread. I Got Married This Year And My Wife Helped With The Icing. She’s Talented At Art And Henna. It Was A Fun Combined Effort Because I Like Woodwork And DIY And She’s A Wonderful Artist!

Image credits: Naprisun

#142 A Headboard I Made For The New House

Image credits: walawalawala1

#143 I Made Dani From The Movie Midsommar!

Image credits: ilovesheep123

#144 This Kit Was From A 100 Yen Store. I’ve Never Done Basket Weaving Before, But The Instructions Were Easy To Follow. I Think It Turned Out Pretty Cute!

Image credits: audoric

#145 I Dotted A Rock!

Image credits: edgewoods

#146 I’m Really Pleased With How I’ve Progressed In The Past Year And A Half With My Ceramics! I Love Making Ceramic Animals

Image credits: everyonelse

#147 Well, I Tried To Restrain Myself All This Time, But The Tension Became Unbearable. So Here It Is: Absolutely Useless Stained Glass Mask Made Of Beach-Found Sea Glass, Without Cutting

Image credits: seastainedglass

#148 My Wife Has Been Having Problems With Anxiety Lately And Crafting Helps Calm Her Down. So I Made A Craft Corner For Her With All Her Favorites! And Some Bob Ross For The Extra Help!

Image credits: Funkiemunkie233

#149 My First Crochet Wearable!

Image credits: squishyturtle007

#150 Just Finished A Humpback Whale Made From Recycled Aloha Shirts

Image credits: kpeters7120

#151 I Made A Yellow Rose With Play-Doh.

Image credits: wprincesscory


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