This Company Got Roasted For Posting An Insensitive Sign About Hiring An Employee Who “Doesn’t Cry”

Looking for a job can seem like a long and tiring process making us go through a variety of emotions, from being certain that we are the right fit for the company to getting disappointed after no one calls back. This is why there are a lot of tips and tricks on how to get your dream job or the position that you know is just suited for you. One of these trips is to really read into what the workplace has to offer and try to work your resume or adapt yourself to what this place is expecting from you.

Very often, workplaces that are keen to find a good, hard-working employee make sure that their job offer sounds promising and tempting. They not only make sure to include all of the necessary details to paint a picture of what kind of workplace it is and what a worker is given in exchange for their services, but also add some additional perks that will make their possible employee really want to be there. For this reason, we are kind of used to seeing well-written job offers. However, Twitter user @jensontitus decided to share a job offer that was seen at one Kreation Organic juicery.

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Kreation Organic Juicery recently hung up a sign inviting those who are looking for a job opportunity to try their luck at their company

Image credits: Kreation Juice

Recently, Twitter user Jenson Titus uploaded a picture that was taken at Kreation Organic that invited interested people to join their company. In the sign, they stated that they were “still looking for that special person”: the one that works hard, is never late, never makes excuses, etc. At first, this might sound like the requirements that every workplace wants from its employees. However, the list also included conditions such as having an open schedule, refraining from crying, “having no bulls**t”, and going through everything “with a smile.” This work offer that was shared by a Twitter user made a lot of people concerned as it contained a lot of “red flags,” proving why staff turnover is so common.

The sign caught a lot of attention after one Twitter user decided to share it online

Image credits: jensontitus

The company’s requirements looked a lot like a list of red flags, making it clear why it’s hard for them to keep their employees for long

Image credits: jensontitus

The tweet that received almost 36k likes was later followed by a response from the company. Kreation Organic stated that they took down the sign after receiving some criticism from people. They explained this situation by saying that the sign got out into the public without being approved by responsible people. The company assured readers that they value their workers but find it hard to “retain good employees.”

Kreation Organic took down the sign and explained the situation from their own perspective

Image credits: jensontitus

Kreation Organic also addressed the “no crying” matter as a lot of people online were alarmed by this lack of understanding that sometimes employees cannot hold in their emotions in certain situations. The note said that in fact, their employees are quite emotional themselves and so their sign was just poorly worded.

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People online were quick to notice what some of the requirements that were written on the sign meant in reality

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Some people online decided to look at this situation with a little bit of humor

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